WSOF Rebranding as Professional Fighters League with $1 Million Dollar Prices

The World Series of Fighting (WSOF) has recently had to endure some difficult times due to losing several champions. Middleweight and Light Heavyweight champion, David Branch, and Bantamweight Champion, Marlon Moraes has vacated their titles and signed with the UFC. Welterweight champion Jon Fitch has announced that he might need to retire due to injuries. Furthermore, there are conflicting reports that lightweight champion, Justin Gaethje might be a free agent.

However those hard times might be changing as the WSOF has announced that they will be rebranding to become the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

The WSOF was recently bought by venture capitalist Russ Ramsey, Donn Davis and Mark Leschky for a reported $25 million dollars. Apparently the new financial backers want to make a big splash.

In a press release on Wednesday, they announced that in January of 2018, the PFL will establish a new MMA league. The league is supposed to follow the pattern of MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and other sports leagues. They stated that they will gather fighters in seven different weight classes. The fighters will compete in several “regular season” fights early in the year. The fighters with the best regular season records will advance to the “playoff tournament” The tournament will be a single elimination tournament with winners in each of the seven weight classes. The winners of each of the seven tournaments will receive a $1 million dollar price. An additional $3 million dollar prices will be paid to the fighters that competed in the season but didn’t win their respected tournaments.

It is reported that Ray Sefo will act as the President of the newly formed Professional Fighters League.

The WSOF television contract with NBC is set to expire at the end of the year. Furthermore there are no reports if the PFL plans to reach an agreement with NBC or sign with a different TV organization.


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