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UFC 221 Recap: Volkanovski takes dominant TKO Victory


In the second FS1 preliminary fight, up and coming featherweights clashed as Alexander Volkanovski took on Jeremy Kennedy. Kennedy(11-0 coming in) came in off of a unanimous decision victory over Kyle Bochniak. Meanwhile, Volkanovski(16-1 coming in) was coming off of a decision win of his own over Shane Young. Both men came in sporting a 3-0 record in the UFC.

The Fight:

Round 1: The fight starts with a couple of solid leg kicks for Volkanovski. Kennedy shoots but gets stuffed rather easily. Volkanovski gets the clinch and pushes Kennedy to the fence. Trip takedown for Volkanovski and he passes guard almost immediately. Volkanovski starts landing some good shots, several unanswered. Kennedy is able to get back to guard but the assault continues. There’s a scramble and Volkanovski ends up in side control but he doesn’t stop. He’s raining hard shots on a now turtled up Kennedy. Kennedy is able to work his way back to his feet before the end of the round. TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 for Alexander Volkanovski

Round 2: Kennedy tries to come out more aggressive this time but it lasts all of 30 seconds before Volkanovski takes him down again. Kennedy is able to get back to his feet fairly quickly but eats a hard knee to the body for his trouble. After a couple of missed punches, Kennedy attempts the takedown, but Volkanovski hits a picture perfect wizzer and winds up on top again. Volkanovski landing some HUGE body punches from the guard. Kennedy is trying to throw his legs up, desperately looking for some form of offense, but to no avail. The ref comes over a couple of times to warn Kennedy to stay busy as Volkanovski continues to dominate him. Volkanovski passes to half guard and settles there, landing hard punches and elbows. This is almost getting tough to watch. The ref is hovering, thinking about stopping this mauling. The round is close to it’s conclusion but Kennedy doesn’t quite survive. The ref steps in to save him from any more punishment.


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