UFC St. Louis Recap: Jessica-Rose Clark Grinds Out a Win Over Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant will be making her flyweight debut against Jessica-Rose Clark in the evening’s co-main event.  

VanZant is 1-2 in her last three which all took place in the strawweight division. VanZant fought twice in 2016, losing to Michelle Waterson via first-round choke and landing a highlight reel flying switch kick on Bec Rawlings to get the win. VanZant was inactive throughout 2017. She was scheduled to take on Jessica Eye last year but was forced to withdraw citing a back injury, sinus and ear infection, pink eye, and ringworm.


Clark made her UFC debut in November of 2017 winning a split decision over Bec Rawlings in Australia. Clark has alternated between bantamweight and strawweight throughout her career. She missed weight in her last outing, but she also took the bout on short notice. Clark is 2-2 in her last four and will be looking to make a name for herself against one of the most popular women in MMA in VanZant.

First Round:

Clark lands a couple of jabs. VanZant is looking for a jumping switch kick. VanZant rushes in and gets tagged. Clark lands a right and a left. Clark gets Vanzant to the ground. VanZant is back to the feet but is pressed against the cage. Clark trips her back down and lands in half guard. Clark is looking for a head arm triangle. Clark is just controlling her from the half guard. The audience is booing at the lull in the action as Clark is content to weigh heavy on her from half guard. Clark is landing some elbows on VanZant’s body from the half guard. SOme short elbows from Clark. Clark finishes the round with some punches.

The MMA Takeover scores the round 10-9 for Clark.


Second Round:

VanZant is still looking for the switch kick. VanZant lands a spinning back fist and clinches Clark against the cage. Clark reverses and pushes VanZant against the cage. Vanzant trips Clark down. Clark scrambles and gets VanZant to the ground with a double. Clark is back in her Half guard and seems content with just being heavy and nullifying VanZant. Referee Mario Yamasaki threatens to stand the fighters up is Clark doesn’t work. VanZant scrambles and ends up in Clarks guard. Clark is working for a triangle choke. Clark is landing short elbows. VanZant is still stuck in the triangle choke. More elbows from the bottom for Clark.

The MMA Takeover score the round for Clark 10-9


Third Round:

VanZant is throwing kicks at Clark’s body.  The commentators are saying they heard VanZant say she broke her arm in the first round.   Flying knee attempt from VanZant. Sitch kick blocked by Clark. A Left hook from VanZant. Clark is moving forward but not engaging. A body kick by VanZant. Clark checks a low kick and lands a left hand.. A combo lands from Clark. VanZant is throwing a lot of kicks and most are missing.  A left hook from Clark. Left hook by VanZant. A low kick lands for Clark. Clark lands a knee to the body. VanZant attempts a spinning back elbow. Clark with a punch and a body kick.


The MMA Takeover scores the round 10-9 for VanZant and the fight 29-28 for Clark.


OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessica-Rose Clark defeats Paige VanZant by unanimous decision.

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