UFC on Fox 26 Results: Julian Marquez Beats Darren Stewart In an Incredible Fight

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Julian Marquez became one of the stars of the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS) when he knocked out Phil Hawes with a perfectly timed head kick. The knockout which became a viral video and earned Marquez a UFC contract. Marquez, who is 6-1 in MMA and nicknamed the “Cuban Missile Crisis” squared off against Darren “the Dentist” Stewart in his first UFC fight.

Stewart entered the contest with 3 UFC fights under his belt, but not a single win. He originally was rewarded a knockout in his UFC debut against Francimar Barroso at UFC Fight Night 100, however, the win was overturned and changed to a No-Contest after the knockout was ruled to have come after an illegal headbutt. They would rematch and Stewart would lose a decision. He would welcome Karl Roberson, who was also discovered on the DWTNCS but would lose a decision. Stewart, who is from England was hoping to finally find some success in the Octagon.

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Stewart took the fight on short notice. He replaced an injured Vitor Miranda

Round 1: 

Darren Stewart immediately takes Marquez down to start the fight, but Marquez quickly scrambled to his feet. Suddenly both grab the clinch and unload a full arsenal of strikes. Both guys land heavy shots in this great exchange. Stewart takes Marquez down again. Marquez tried to get to his feet, while Stewart holds on to his legs, and the UFC newcomer counters with some elbows to the side of Stewart’s head. They briefly break but Stewart lunges at him with a combination, followed with big knees from the clinch. Marquez counters with his own knees in the clinch. Really good action. Stewart, gets a takedown, and quickly jumps on the back of Marquez, who stands up. He looks for a neck crank but Marquez works his way out. As soon as he breaks away from Stewart, he is taken down again. He quickly gets up to his feet, but Stewart lands three straight rght hands. Stewart attempts another takedown, but Marquez counters with a Kimura. He finishes the round on top, while trying to his a Kimura. Really good round 1. The MMA Takeover scores it 10-9 for Stewart.

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Round 2:

Marquez comes out very agressive in round 2. He lands and uppercut and attempts a standing guillotine. Once Stewart pops his head out, Marquez tags him with a knee. Both goes wing hooks at each other, and Marquez misses a back elbow. Stewart tags Marquez with a right hand. Incredible action! Stewart lands a nice elbow and right hand that back Marquez up towards the cage. Suddenly both guys sit down on their shots, and wing hooks towards each other with no intention of blocking any. Insane action! Marquez grabs the clinch and lands a very hard knee. He attempts a single leg takedown but the Englishman blocks it. Both guys look tired but are throwing. Both guys exchange lead elbows. Stewart looks very tired. He shoots in for a double leg takedown but is caught in a guillotine. He attempts to fight the hands but eventually taps out.

Incredible fight!!! Stewart might have dropped to 0-3 with 1 NC in the UFC, but the action might get him another shot in the UFC.

Official Results: Julian Marquez beats Darren Stewart by 2nd round submission (2:14 by Guillotine Choke)

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