A UFC Fight Night 79 Fight Is Being Investigated for Possibly Being “Fixed”

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s International Criminal Investigation Bureau is looking into an allegation of a possible “fixed” fight. The fight in question is the UFC Fight Night 79 fight between Tae Hyun Bang and Leo Kuntz. The fight took place on November 28th, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

A Korean newspaper is reporting that Bang has admitted to the police that he was approached by an organized crime family about purposely losing to Kuntz.

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Bang apparently disclosed that he received money (Korean equivalency of $87,000 of American money) to fix the fight. He also disclosed that he bet more money (Korean equivalency of $43,000 American money) on his opponent to win. Reportedly, Bang has told police that he agreed to “throw” the fight because his family had received death threats from the organized crime family.

Just moments before the fight was set to take place officials from the UFC confronted both Bang and Kuntz about the fight. Both fighters told UFC officials that they had no knowledge of any possible fix.

Red flags was set off after a large amount of money came in on Kuntz just moments before the fight. Suddenly Bang went from a slight favorite to a massive underdog in just a few minutes. This was the biggest reported swing in UFC history.

Bang reportedly was scared by the UFC officials and decided to try and win. He won a close decision victory over Kuntz.

Bang could be charged in violation of the National Sports Promotion Act. Bang has not fought in the UFC since losing to Nick Hein at UFC Fight Night 93 last September. Kuntz has not fought in the UFC since losing to Bang.

The UFC has yet to comment about the on going police investigation.

Stay tuned for news from the on going investigation

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