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UFC Charlotte Results: Kim Edges Out a Split-Decision over Kish.


Justine Kish takes on Ji Yeon Kim in the first of three straight women’s bouts.

Justine Kish is 6-1 in MMA and 2-1 in the UFC. She was last seen losing a unanimous decision to Felice Herrig in June of last year. Kish was a contestant on season 20 of The Ultimate Fighter but was forced off of the show due to a knee injury.

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Ji Yeon Kim was undefeated when she made her promotional debut against Lucie Pudilova over the summer. She lost a unanimous decision to Pudilova and is now 6-1-2 in MMA.

Round 1: A 1-2 from Kim and Kish lands a low kick.  The fighters are feeling each other out and measuring range. Kish lands another leg kick. Kim is loading up a big right. A left hook from Kish in the pocket. Body Kick from Kish. Kim lands two lefts. Kim is timing Kish well. Kish attempts a head kick and slips. Kim catches her with a punch on the way back to her feet. Kish is continually pressing forward with leg kicks. Kim is trying to lure he into eating a big right.

Close round.

The MMATakeover scores it 10-9 for Kish.


Round 2:

Big right from Kish as the women meet in the middle and exchange. Kish eats a straight while landing a low kick. This round is playing out like the first so far, with Kish pushing forward and Kim backing up and looking to time her big straight punches. Low kick for Kish. A jab from Kim. Straight right for Kish. A right hook, low kick combination from Kish. Kish is way more active here while Kim is waiting for a chance to counter. They briefly clinch and Kim lands and short uppercut and breaks. Right to the body and a left hook to the head by Kish. Kish lands another body-head combination.

The MMATakeover scores it 10-9 for Kish


Round 3:

Kim comes out more aggressive and lands two straight rights. Kish with the nice left hook on the inside. Kim says she was poked in the eye and ref breaks the fight momentarily. Kim is backing up Kish ad throwing bombs but not landing much. Kim lands a big hook. A nice jab from Kim. Kim is continuing to be the aggressor and kish is meeting her in the middle. Kim lands a 1-2. Kish is busted up and bleeding from the nose. Another left from Kim. Kim working her jab. A right hand from Kim. Kish is still throwing the low kick but she’s  eating punches every time she does now. Kim looks like a different fighter this round. Spinning back punch from Kish barely connects.

The MMATakeover scores it 10-9 Kim and the fight 29-28 for Kish.

Official Result: Ji Yeon Kim wins by split decision.

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