UFC Champs Michael Bisping & Tyron Woodley Feud on Twitter

Just days after UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping stated on his podcast that he wanted to fight Georges St. Pierre on July 8th at International Fight Week or he would give the fight to Yoel Romero, UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley volunteered to take the fight.

On Wednesday morning, Woodley stated to Twitter, “@GeorgesStPierre doesn’t wanna fight for real!. He playing all of us. @bisping I would kindly put my foot in ur AzzZ July 8! Save the date @UFC”. Woodley was a co-host of UFC Tonight on Wednesday, and confirmed that he wanted to fight Bisping.

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Bisping responded to Woodley via Twitter, stating “@UFCTonight @FS1 @TWoodley Tyron, I’ve no interest in shadow boxing for 25 mins against you. I need someone who engages/actually fights :)”

This set off a war on Twitter. Woodley stated “@bisping @UFCTonight @FS1 then don’t dance and play Karate kid like Stevie Wonder. Don’t be scared come catch this fade. Or keep running!”

Bisping took the bait again and said, “@TWoodley @UFCTonight @FS1 running? Your then one who wanted to do a catchweight at 180. Haha man up or shut up!”.

Woodley finished the conversation by saying “@bisping Im down to take your strap #EasyMoney & @GeorgesStPierre is going to “fight” you!? He is going to take u down & hug u! #BeReal”.

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