Come At Me Bro! Tracking the MMA Callouts 11/3 – 11/9

By Brandon “Bug” May

In the world of MMA, it seems like everyone is talking trash. It is now encouraged to name a fighter that you want to fight next. In the MMA Takeover’s newest original content article, we will be attempting to track any time a fighter calls for a fight with another fighter in a major organization. These call outs can be in a post-fight interview, an interview for TV show or podcast, a message on social media, or any other way. The callout can come in a respectful way or they can come with animosity.

Here are the callouts this week:


Robert Whittaker Wants Belt Unification Fight Against Georges St. Pierre

UFC Interim middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker was in attendance Saturday Night to watch Georges St. Pierre win the UFC middleweight crown at UFC 217. Whittaker took to Twitter and called for a unification bout against St. Pierre. Here is what he said.


TJ Dillashaw Calls Out Demetrious Johnson

After TJ Dillashaw beat bitter rival Cody Garbrandt and captured the bantamweight title for the second time in his career, he changed his focus toward the pound for pound king and flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson. In his post-fight victory interview with Joe Rogan, Dillashaw said the following.

“I’m going to go down to fight ‘Mighty Mouse’ at 125, and that’s just business. I like the guy a lot, but that’s just a business move for me.”

Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero Calls Out Michael Bisping and Robert Whittaker

Both former middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero have called for fights with Michael Bisping and Robert Whittaker.

Rockhold said the following to an Australian podcast

I want Robert Whittaker in Perth Australia for the MW title. I do not believe GSP will defend his title and or I will fight Michael Bisping in London.


Romero told the following

“Yes I watched it (#UFC217). Ya it was good fight, but it was a business fight. I mean it goes to show about Bisping. He did not want to fight the top guys. He wanted to fight against a guy who had taken four years off and he still ended up losing!

Right now I only think about the belt. That is the only thing I think about. There is no other option in your head. I think if St-Pierre vacates then I would love a rematch with Whittaker. There is also Michael Bisping. I know a lot of people want to see me fight him.

Georges will not stay at middleweight because he doesn’t want to fight the top guys either. Just like Bisping did not want to fight the top guys. We all know this. I want to rematch Robert Whittaker for the UFC championship after GSP vacates the title. Once I become the champion I will then callout Michael Bisping for a title fight in London this March. The only way Bisping will ever fight me is if I am the champion. So I have to beat Robert Whittaker. Bisping is scared. He has always been scared. But he would fight me for the title. I know this. I want to beat him up in England as the champion.”


Paulo “Borrachinha” Costa Calls Out Big Named Middleweights

After Paulo ” Borrachinha” Costa beat Johny Hendricks at UFC 217, he gave the following quote to Joe Rogan in his post-fight victory interview

“He’s crazy and he is scared. He don’t want to fight against me. USADA test everybody, all the time,” said Paulo. “Derek Brunson just don’t want to fight against me. Vitor Belfort don’t want to fight me, Tim Boetsch don’t want to fight me. Derek Brunson, don’t be scared.”

James Vick Calls Out Anthony Pettis / Dustin Poirier Winner and Justin Gaethje


James Vick was a guest on the MMA Hour and spoke about wanting to fight the winner of Anthony Pettis vs Dustin Poirier, Justin Gaethje, and Kevin Lee. Here are his quotes.

Anthony Pettis / Dustin Poirer Winner

“I want the winner of next week, Anthony Pettis vs. Dustin Poirier. I don’t want to shoot too low with a No. 3 guy that I’m not going to get, but Pettis or Poirier is ranked No. 8 in the world. Whoever wins is going to take that. So yeah, whoever wins that I want. The timeframe is perfect. Give them a couple weeks to heal up and get in camp.”

Justin Gaethje

“He [Gaethje] was talking shit about me on Twitter. Yeah, I am gonna go off on him for a bit. Before I get on the mic, he says oh this guy is gonna say how everyone is ducking him and everyone is afraid of him. Do you want me to lie? You’re ridiculous. When I was calling him out when he won his Fight Night, he wasn’t saying shit. I walked right up to Sean Shelby and said I wanted to fight Gaethje… Dude, you have one win in the UFC. Every other guy you beat outside this organization wouldn’t even be ranked in the top 40. You’re acting like the baddest guy in the world. What a joke! You talking all that shit, then fight me.


Ovince St. Preaux and Ilir Latifi Call Out Each Other

After Ilir Latifi called for a fight with Ovince St. Preaux earlier this year, St. Preaux responded. During his post-fight UFC 217 victory interview, St. Preaux stated that he wants to face Latifi. The two would go on to make this fight agreement on Twitter int he following days;



Gilbert Burns and Olivier Aubin-Mercer Call for a Fight with Each Other


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