UFC Belem Recap: Timothy Johnson Gets The Decision


In the third main card bout of the evening, veteran heavyweight Timothy Johnson took on Marcelo Golm. Johnson came in with a record of 11-4(3-3 in the UFC) while Golm had compiled a 6-0 record. Golm was making his second appearance in the UFC, with his debut being a first-round submission victory over Christian Colombo.


The Fight:

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Round 1: They come out and circle a bit.  Golm lands a solid leg kick, Johnson lurches forward with a combination. Johnson initiates the clinch and pushes Golm to the fence. Some good body shots from Johnson are followed by a failed Golm attempt to get away. They separate, Johnson comes right back to the clinch and we’re right back to the fence. Golm is able to get away but Johnson comes right back to it, determined to stick to his plan. He’s content to ride out the round against the cage. TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 2: Johnson comes out and immediately lands a solid 1-2 combo, that starts a WILD exchange in which both men land big shots. Johnson reacquires the clinch and back to the cage we go.  Golm lands some solid elbows and eventually gets away, but Johnson comes back to the clinch again and guess where we end up? You guessed it, the fence.  The crowd begins to show frustration after about 90 seconds without any significant action. After the ref finally steps in and separates them Johnson whiffs on a couple of punches and pushes Golm right back to the cage. Crowd is really beginning to get loud, and not in a good way. Johnson lands a solid elbow on the break, and follows that up with a missed wheel kick to end the round. TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 3: The round starts with a respectful embrace between the two fighters. After a brief exchange, they clinch again. They separate after about 30 seconds and Johnson lands a big shot! Golm is hurt! Johnson chases him to the cage and then clinches up yet again. After about a minute or so the ref separates them. Good knee lands for Golm and back to the fence we go. They separate with under 10 seconds left and both miss on some big shots to end the round and the fight. TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Johnson.

TheMMATakeover scored the  fight 30-27 for Johnson

Official Result: Timothy Johnson Defeats Marcelo Golm Via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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