UFC Belem Recap: Sergio Moraes By Split Decision

May 14, 2016; Curitiba, Brazil; Sergio Moraes (red) raises his arms as judges ruled a split draw decision in his fight against Luan Chagas (not pictured) during UFC Fight Night at Arena Atletico Paranaense. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Means vs Sergio Moraes Recap

Tim Means will take on Sergio Moraes in a welterweight matchup tonight at UFC Fight Night Belem. Tim Means who has a professional record of 27-9, is looking to rebound after a loss to Belal Muhammad at UFC Fight Night 121 back in November. A fight that Means loss by split decision. His opponent, Moraes, also is coming off a loss in his last fight. A fight he lost via 1st Round KO to Kamaru Usman at UFC Fight Night 116. The loss snapped a 7 fight streak where he hadn’t lost (6-0-1).  Both fighters look to rebound and get a much-needed win.

Round 1:

We are off. The two are a little hesitant to start the fight. Finding their distance. Fighters end up in the clinch and Moraes ends up pulling guard.  Not much action on the ground. Means finds an opening and they are back on their feet.  Means goes to land a punch but Moraes is quick to respond and lands a big right hand. Moraes is swinging wild and landing a big hook here and there. Means got a quick jab in once in a while.  Lots of swinging and missing from both. Sergio Moraes does enough to win the first round.

The MMATakeover scores that round 10-9 for Sergio Moraes

Round 2:

Means comes out and lands a few leg kicks to Moraes. Moraes once again going back to the big swings but is missing now. Means is showing better defense this time, avoiding the big swings. Means once again lands a few more leg kicks. Means catches Moraes leg kick and return a quick jab to the head. Means continues to press forward landing a nice combo. Moares now land with the big hook and then lands another quick jab. Means returns the favor with a leg kick to the head. Moraes lands a couple more punches before the end of the round. Close round again, but Means seems to do enough to win round 2.

The MMATakeover scores this round 10-9 for Tim Means

Round 3:

Both fighters high five to start round 3 off. Moraes comes out swinging wildly looking for that finish. Means once again doing a great job dodging the big punches that Moraes is throwing.  Moraes lands a couple right hooks to the head of Means. Means looking to strike lands a leg kick to the head of Moraes and lands another shortly after. Both fighters exchange jabs. Means lands a nice 1-2 combo following it up with a leg kick. Means seems to be controlling the fight now, but Moraes isn’t going away. Means lands a beautiful body shot after dodging a big swing from Moraes. Means scores a knockdown towards the end of the round. A great fight comes to an end. It could go either way.

The MMATakeover scores this round 10-9 for Means and 29-28 for Means 

Official Result: Sergio Moraes vis Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)


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