UFC Belem Recap: Lyoto Machida Ends Eryk Anders Unbeaten Run


The main event of the night is between former UFC light heavyweight champion karate specialist Lyoto ”Dragon” Machida and undefeated prospect  Eryk ”Ya Boi” Anders. It is set for five rounds.

Since moving to middleweight in 2013 Belem’s own Machida has lost four of his last seven fights. His last win was back in December 2014 against C.B. Dolloway where he won the fight via TKO. He will now try to put his bad run behind and be the first man to beat top middleweight prospect, Eryk Anders.

Anders is a former professional football player for the University of Alabama. So far his transition into MMA has been fairly successful as he enters the octagon tonight undefeated. While 39 years old Machida looks to find glory again Anders will look to solidify his record against a karate master who’s regarded as one of the most influential fighters in the history of the sport. Both fighters are southpaws strikers and this is Anders first main event with only 3 UFC fights to his record.

Round 1

The bell goes off and we hear the crowd shouting for their native fighter ”Lyoto, Lyoto, Lyoto”. Both fighters measure distance cautiously and Machida ends up knocking Anders down with a leg kick but without significant damage. He tries to go for ground and pound unsuccessfully and gets up. Anders, however, stays on the ground. We see Machida kicking the legs of Anders while he is on the ground. He again tries to go for ground and pound but Anders gets up.  Machida then keeps his usual distance fighting and the round ends with both fighters circling each other.

The MMA Takeover scores the round: 10-9 for Lyoto Machida 

Round 2:

The round starts with Machida controlling distance, we then see Anders throwing an overhead punch stuns Machida. They clinch against the cage and Anders tries to take him down, unsucessfuly, Machida recovers and gets back to his usual stance.  Machida switches stances from southpaw to orthodox and both fighters trade leg kicks. Machida keeps his karate stance throughout and throws some powerful leg kicks. Anders seemed to have success in this round with some good countering, however, Machida looked to land more significant strikes.

The MMA Takeover scores the round: 10-9 for Lyoto Machida

Round 3:

Anders takes Machida down, they quickly get up. a few seconds later Anders lands an effective kee and opens cut on Machida’s nose bridge. We see Anders pressing forward and Machida trying to keep distance. Machida looks less offensive in this round. Both fighters keep trying to find an opening and we start seeing some offense from Machida. We see Anders going more aggressive in the last seconds of the round. He tries the takedown but again unsuccessfully as he is stopped by the cage. In the last seconds, we see Anders stunning Machida but Machida recuperates well.

The MMA Takeover scores the round: 10 – 9 for Eryk Anders

Round 4: 

We see a more aggressive start in the fourth round with both fighters swinging at each other. Machida ends up landing a powerful kick that connects with Anders body.  Anders keeps pressuring and ends up catching Machida with a hook knocking him down. He quickly tries for ground and pond but Machida successfully gets up and gets into the clinch. They separate each other. Anders tries to go for the takedown and applies it successfully. Machida gets up but Anders looks stronger than Machida. The round ends with both fighters in a clinch position but Machida connects with a knee to the body and neutralizes Anders.

The MMA Takeover scores the round: 10 – 9 for Lyoto Machida

Round 5:

The final round starts similarly to previous rounds with both fighters keeping distance and circling each other cautiously. We see Machida once again using the leg kicks and Anders always trying to capitalize with a right hand. We see Anders keep the pressure and trying to lang powerful overhead punches, Machida, however, keeps great control. He throws a great body kick dealing significant damage. Anders then successfully takes Machida down but he gets up. In the final seconds of the round, we see both fighters going at each other but the bell goes off.

The MMA Takeover scores the fight: 49-46 to Lyoto Machida 

The Official Result: Lyoto Machida def. Eryk Anders via split decision. Judges score the fight: 48-47, 47-48, 49-46

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