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UFC 221 Recap: Formiga Submits Nguyen – Spinning Backfist Followed By A Rear-Naked Choke

Mar 11, 2017; Fortazela, Brazil, USA; Jussier Formiga (red gloves) before fighting Ray Borg during UFC Fight Night at Centro de Formacao Olimpica de Fortaleza. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

To kick off the FS1 Prelims we have a flyweight bout between Jussier Formiga and  Ben ”10” Nguyen.

South Dakota’s own, Ben Nguyen (18-6) has long shown his love for Australia. “Ben 10”  will be looking to win his third consecutive fight by facing Brazilian veteran Jussier Formiga. Nguyen has now won four of his five his five UFC appearances and is know on a two-win streak. Three out of four of his UFC wins come by way of knockout and submission. His most recent was this past June win was against top flyweight Tim Elliot where he won via a 49-second rear-naked choke.

Brazilian Formiga enters the octagon as an experienced fighter. He has been with the UFC since 2012, he last entered the Octagon this past September where he beat Ulka Sasaki via a rear-naked choke submission.

Round 1 

The round starts with both fighters quickly closing the distance and getting into a clinch position with Nguyen pressing Formiga against the cage. Both fighters momentarily separate but keep get into the clinch again. Formiga successfully trips Nguyen and takes him down. He goes into side control and works his way to full mount. One minute left and Formiga keeps in the dominant top mount position. Formiga controls Nguyen on the ground during two minutes and the bell goes off with Formiga on top.

The MMA takeover scores the round: 10- 9 for Jussier Formiga  

Round 2 

The second round starts with Nguyen trying to sweep for a takedown unsuccessfully. Both fighters get into a clinch position similar to the first round. We see blood coming off Formigas forehead but he seems unphased. We then see Formiga taking Nguyen down around the same time as he did in the first round. We see him doing a half guard pass and he tries to control position. Nguyen manages to get up and both fighters separate. Both fighters keep distance and keep mixing striking. As we approach the end of the round Formiga eye pokes Nguyen the referee stops the fight and the round ends as both fighters restart the position.

The MMA takeover scores the round: 10 – 9 for Jussier Formiga  Formiga

Round 3 

The last round starts with both fighters cautiously measuring each other. Nguyen goes for a head kick. Formiga counters with a formidable spinning backfist and knocks Nguyen down. He goes for the finish and manages to get hold of Nguyen back and goes for a beautiful rear-naked choke. Nguyen goes to sleep and the referee steps up stopping the fight.

Official Result:  Jussier Formiga wins the fight via technical submission (rear-naked choke)






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