UFC 221 Recap: Romero KO’s Rockhold to setup rematch with Whittaker


Yoel Romero vs Luke Rockhold Recap

The main event is here bu not without a little drama from yesterday’s weigh-ins. Romero first missed weight coming in 3.3 lbs over the max allowed. He had two hours to make weight but didn’t come close. He still weighed in 2.7 lbs over. With that the main event was in jeopardy. After some negotiations, both him and Rockhold came to an agreement. Rockhold would receive 30% of Romero’s purse, and Rockhold will be the only one that can win the Interim middleweight title.

Romero comes into this fight losing his last fight to current middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker. That loss snapped a 8-fight win streak but Romero. On the other side we have Rockhold who comes into this fight winning 6 of his last 7 with his only loss coming to Michael Bisping. Both fighters look to cement their case for a shot at Whittaker for the middleweight championship.

Round 1:

Both fighters touch gloves and we are off. Not much action to start off. Both fighters seem to be trying to find their distance. Rockhold lands a few kicks to the body and legs of Romero. Both fighters still seem to be finding their range. Another leg kick to the leg of Romero by Rockhold. Romero throwing big fists but coming up empty. Romero now lands a couple legs kicks and lands a couple quick jabs. Right before the end of the round, Rockhold lands another leg kick and is able to get a jab in there as well.

The MMATakeover scores that round 10-9 for Rockhold

Round 2:

Romero comes out pressing right away and lands two big swings to the head of Rockhold. It stratles Rockhold for a second. Romero lands a couple body shots before Rockhold can get some distance. Romero now working the legs kicks as he lands a couple here and there. Romero once again presses forward and lands a couple more jabs. Rockhold returns the favor and lands a couple leg kicks himself. Now Rockhold presses forward and lands a couple jabs before the end of the round.

The MMATakeover scores that round 10-9 for Romero.

Round 3:

Rockhold comes out this time pressing forward a little and landing a couple quick jabs. Both fighters exchanging a few jabs and leg kicks. Romero all of a sudden strikes quickly and lands a huge right to the head of Rockhold and knocks him down. Romero get another punch in and it’s all over. Romero scores a huge knockout.

Official Result: Yoel Romero via 3rd Round KO

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