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UFC 221 Recap: Jose Alberto Quinonez decisions Teruto Ishihara


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Bantamweights will clash tonight on UFC Fight Pass prelims. Teruto Ishihara (10-4-2) faces off against Jose Alberto “El Teco” Quinonez (6-2)


Ishihara is 3-2-1 in the UFC and is known for unorthodox style and heavy hands. Ishihara snapped a two-fight losing streak to in his last outing at UFC Fight Night 117 in September of 2017. He is dropping back to bantamweight, where he started his career for the first time in 7 fights.

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Quinonez was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Latin America 1 in 2014. He had success on the show and made it to the finals, where he was defeated by Alejandro Perez. Since that loss, he is now on a three-fight winning streak. His last fight was in August of 2017, where he took a unanimous decision over Diego Rivas.

Round 1:

Quinonez comes out landing leg kicks. Quinonez gets a takedown and Ishihara makes his way back to his feet while being pressed against the cage. The men grapple in the clinch and Ishihara continues fighting the takedown attempts. Quinonez gets him down and takes his back, locking on the body triangle. Ishihara is fighting hands as Quinonez keeps looking for the choke. Ishihara breaks free, stands up and is immediately pushed up against the cage again. Quinonez loses his cup and chooses to start the fighters in the middle of octagon again. Ishihara lands a big left and trips Quinonez down. A nice right hook from Ishihara and big left at the bell. Quinonnez appears to be rocked heading back to his corner.

The MMATakeover scores the round 10-9 for Quinonez


Round 2:

Ishihara comes out stalking Quinonez. Quinonez throws a head kick that’s mostly blocked. Quinonez is landing some nice leg kicks. Ishara responds with his own. Ishihara ducks under the right and gets his own takedown. Quinonez works his way back to his feet and the two meet in the middle of the cage again. Quinonez working the leg kicks again. Ishihara is moving forward but hardly throwing or landing when he does. Ishihara tags him with a left hook and drops at the end of the round again.

The MMATakeover scores the round 10-9 for Ishihara


Round 3:

Quinonez is looking to engage in the clinch and eats a knee for it. Both men are throwing leg kicks. Ishihara is loading up the big straight left but it isn’t landing clearly. Ishihara lands a couple of nice leg kicks. A big body kick from Quinonez. A left lands for Quinonez and he follows wit ha head kick that is mostly blocked. Neither man is landing or throwing much but Quinonez is doing just a little bit more.

The MMATakeover scores the round 10-9 for Quinonez


The MMATakeover scores the fight 29-28 for Quinonez


Official Result: Jose Alberto Quinonez defeats Teruto Ishihara by unanimous decision. 

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