UFC 221 Recap: Curtis Blaydes Outworks Mark Hunt


Official recap of UFC 221, the co main event features a Heavyweight bout between Mark Hunt and Curtis Blaydes.

Hunt (13-11-1) has recently defeated Derrick Lewis by 4th round KO, while Blaydes (8-1) defeated Alexey Oleynik via 2nd round KO at UFC 217.

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First Round:

Blaydes starts the fight being the agressor, throwing a series of one twos. Hunt keeps his head out of range and eventually counters him. As they keep exchanging, Curtis seems to be trying to set up a power shot but is unsuccessful.He gets a takedown but Mark Hunt gets immediately back up. As they strike again, Hunt stuns Blaydes and hits him with an overhand that knocks Blaydes down. As Hunt tries to finish Blaydes, he gets take down. Blaydes lands in half guard and fights smarts as he decides to maintain top position for the rest of the round.

TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Hunt.

Second Round:

Blaydes gooes for an immediate takedown that is stuffed. Hunt is able to get back up but the clinch is maintained between both fighters. As they keep wrestling, Hunt is able to break the fence. Blaydes seems to be struggling to close the distance on the feet. However, he is able to get a double leg takedown, Hunt almost gets back up but Blaydes does a great job keeping him pinned to the ground. As he gets in half guard, he is once again able to maintain top position until the end of the round, while he stays busy using his ground and pound.

TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Blaydes.

Third Round:

Blaydes goes for an immediate takedown and gets it. Hunt springs back to his feet immediately but BLaydes body slams him to the ground. Like in the two previous rounds, Blaydes sticks to his game plan and outgrinds Hunt who is able to get back up a couple of times but is immediately taken down again. As Hunt gets up again, Blaydes briefly takes his back. Blaydes keeps pressuring Mark Hunt from top position and ends the fight in side control.

TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-8 Blaydes.


Curtis Blaydes won the fight via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26, 30-26).

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