UFC 220 Recap: Bochniak’s Pressure Stifles UFC Newcomer Davis


Kyle Bochniak (7-2) faces, TUF alum Brandon Davis (8-2) in the featured bout of the Fox Sports One preliminary card. Davis makes his debut in the UFC vs the 30-year old three-fight veteran in Bochniak.

Round 1

The two fighters open up circling at boxing range, Bochniak flicks out jabs, while Davis attempts to keep range, and opens with leg kicks. Dominick Cruz alludes an injury Davis sustained in training, will be interesting to see if it effects him. Bochniak shoots in and gets the takedown, Davis gets back to his feet and Bochniak keeps the pressure on against the fence. Bochniak now attempts to take Davis’ back, as Davis defends. Bochniak rides out the round against the fence, pressuring Davis.

The MMATakeover scored this round 10-9 for Bochniak

Round 2

Davis looks to keep his range as Bochniak bounces around content on the outside, seemingly looking for his openings to close distance while not engaging. Davis continually chases. Leg kicks by Davis land effectively now, these could help slow down Bochniak, and allow Davis to settle into his game. Bochniak now pops in, and out of the pocket to land double up lead hooks. Bochniak is elusive, Davis is showing his frustration. Davis lands another leg kick. Bochniak, wears the damage now on his calf. The timing of Bochniak continually frustrating Davis, as well as the crowd alike. Right cross by Bochniak lands. Bochniak ducks under a spinning backfist, attempts to body lock, Davis separates. Bochniak throws two hooks, Davis blocks, and lands a good counter right cross. They ride out the fight circling.

The MMATakeover scored this round 10-9 for Bochniak

Round 3

Davis seemingly needs a finish to secure a victory, as Bochniak likely secured the prior two rounds. Davis continues to prowl, as Bochniak circles on the outside, Bochniak pops in the pocket with a left hook. Jab, lead hook, hook for Bochniak, the jab landed. Bochniak shoots for single leg takedown, switches to a double, back to single, Davis defends against the fence. Bochniak finally gets the takedown, Davis with the reversal, and separation. Davis needs to mount some offense if he hopes to get the victory, the openings are not presenting themselves, yet he is not making a decided effort to create them. His frustration really showing now. Davis now with the double leg, Bochniak escapes back to the feet. Bochniak pressures Davis against the fence yet again. Bochniak is working on a single leg, Davis throws him off. The round closes with Bochniak continually pressuring. The story of the fight, and likely a sweep on the scorecards for the UFC veteran. Tough showing for the newcomer Davis.

The MMATakeover scored this round 10-9 for Bochniak


UFC Official result: 30-27 Unanimous decision for Kyle Bochniak 

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