UFC 219 Recap: Cyborg Edges Holm to Retain Featherweight Title


The UFC women’s featherweight title contested between champion Cris Cyborg (18-1-1), and former bantamweight champion, and featherweight Holly Holm (11-3). Holm last fought for the featherweight title opposite Germaine de Randamie, who has since vacated her title, opening the door for Cyborg to capture the vacated title at UFC 214 over Tonya Evinger in July.

Round 1:

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Cyborg establishes he forward movement as the aggressor first, as she faints. Holm catches a kick, trips Cyborg to the ground, Cyborg bounces back up as Holm goes for the clinch against the cage. They now separate. Cyborg lands a good left cross, Holm wears it well. Cyborg looking to execute her lead leg kicks. Cyborg counters a Holm blitz with a strong right. Holm has yet to throw anything with real intent as of yet. Cyborg seems to be establishing her timing. Holm clinches, pushing Cyborg against the cage. The two separate. Cyborg continues to be the aggressor as Holm circles laterally out of the pocket. Holm finally unleashes a head kick, though blocked by Cyborg in the closing seconds of the round.

The MMATakeover scored the round: 10-9 for Cyborg

Round 2:

Round begins with both fighters now taking the center, they trade in the pocket, Cyborg landing a left hook on exit. Now Cyborg begins to move forward again. Holm with a nice left Cyborg’s nose begins to bleed. Side kick by Holm, missed. Head kick attempt by Holm, blocked. Cyborg back to stalking, Holm clinches and turns Cyborg to the cage yet again. They separate, Holm blitzes, Cyborg evades, then Holly grabs another clinch, forces Cyborg against the cage. Holm seems to be the physically stronger fighter based on the clinching exchanges. Holm is the more active fighter in this second round. Cyborg then lands a good right hook, Holm a side kick. Holm clinches yet again to close the round.

The MMATakeover scored the round: 10-9 for Holm

Round 3:

Cyborg opens the third as the aggressor, pushing forward. Holm goes back to the well for the left roundhouse head kick. Cyborg now clinches Holm, Holm fights out of it and separates. Holm lands a solid straight left, as Cyborg misses a counter hook. Cyborg lands a knee to the body, Holm separates from the brief clinch. The right lead hook followed by left roundhouse head kick is what Holly has been going to, has yet to land. Two straight lefts for Holm, body kick to answer from Cyborg. Cyborg misses in a right roundhouse head kick. Holm with a jab to keg kick, then follows up with a lead hook kick which sails over the head of Cyborg. Head kick from Holm lands, but Cyborg catches the leg on the retraction, forces Holm against the fence, they separate. Cyborg rocks Holm with a right hook, then left hook, right cross. Holm felt those. Great ten second close to the round to put a stamp on it by Cyborg.

The MMATakeover scored the round: 10-9 for Cyborg

Round 4:

Holly opens with a good straight left to the eye of Cyborg, Cyborg still continues to stalk. Holly lands a left straight, Cyborg a right. Cyborg with a nice less body kick. Holly answers with a body kick of her own. Cyborg with a glancing roundhouse head kick to Holm. The two fighters trade kicks. Cyborg is closer to landing the lead head kick, barely glancing yet again. Cyborg goes for the right roundhouse head kick this time, misses. Holm clinches, pushes Cyborg to the cage. They separate, as Cyborg comes charging at Holm. Holm lands a left straight, and another as she circles. Holm lands her best punch of the fight with a left straight. Cyborg continues pursuit. Round closes as Cyborg begins to attempt a superman punch.

The MMATakeover scored the round: 10-9 for Holm

Round 5

Fifth and final round begins with Holm taking the center of the Octagon, landing a less left body kick. Right hook, left roundhouse combination attempt again from Holm, misses. Holm lands a left elbow, then clinches. They separate, Cyborg lands a right hook, then a right body kick. Cyborg again unleashes the body kick. Cyborg lands a big right hook, Holm with a one-two, Cyborg with a right hook. Holm with a good body kick, Cyborg continues to pursue. Big right hook Cyborg. Left straight from Holm, and another. Lead hook kick lands in the very end for Holm, straight right from Holm, one-two from Holm, right hook from Cyborg. Two big successive lefts from Holm hurt Cyborg. Cyborg retreats to the cage Holm clinches. They separate with ten seconds to go! Cyborg with a superman punch, Holm with a straight left as the fight ends. Very nice technical stand up affair, this fight is very difficult to score as both had some significant moments.

The MMATakeover scored the round: 10-9 for Holm

UFC official result: 49-46, 48-47, 48-47 for Cyborg

Very entertaining fight, both fighters fought the fight they intended, and it made for a long extremely close affair.

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