UFC 219 Recap: Myles Jury defeats Rick Glenn


Myles Jury (16-2) and Rick Glenn (20-4-1) will be facing each other in a featherweight contest for UFC 219’s third preliminary bout. Both fighters are coming off a win to Mike De La Torre (TKO) and Gavin Tucker (UD).

The fight starts with a brief grappling exchange initiated by Rick Glenn as Jury’s back was against the fence. He quickly got reversed and Jury separated the clinch. Jury displayed his striking for the rest of the round, keeping Glenn at bay with a teep kick to the liver softening his opponent’s body and getting the best out of the boxing exchanges. The MMATakeover scored this round 10-9 for Jury.

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Rick Glenn keeps trying to initiate the clinch but is unsuccessful as Jury keeps finding openings. However, as Glenn insists, he finally gets Jury to play in the clinch war he wanted to. Jury is able to take Glenn’s back but then Glenn reverses position and gets a takedown but Jury gets up immediately. As his back is against the fence, he slams Glenn to the ground with a double leg takedown and controls him for the rest of the round as he is unable to lock in a submission. The MMATakeover scored this round 10-9 for Jury.

Jury follows his corner advice and stays away from the clinch position in which Glenn wants to fight. As the round goes he keeps countering his opponent and applying pressure with his teep kick. He is able to score a takedown in the last minute of the fight and remains in top position until the end of it. The MMATakeover scored this round 10-9 for Jury.

Myles Jury won the fight via unanimous decision (30-27).

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