Tyron Woodley Pulls Race Card on ESPN

UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and his UFC 209 opponent Stephen Thompson were guests on ESPN’s Sportscenter to promote their upcoming fight. However the interview quickly went from focusing on the fight to race.

Woodley stated that he believes that he doesn’t get the respect from the fans that Thompson does based on the complexion of his skin. He stated that it is due to the culture of the sport.

Thompson stated that he believes Woodley’s statement were invalid but Woodley pushed the point further. Woodley stated that UFC fly weight champion, Demetrious Johnson doesn’t get the endorsements that he should because he is black.

Woodley finished the interview by stating that “it’s a complete fact that he is the worst treated champion in UFC history”.

Woodley and Thompson fight at UFC 209 on March 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the second time they have locked horns. There first fight ended in a draw.

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