Triple H Confirms that WWE is in Talks with Ronda Rousey

WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and professional wrestler, Paul “Triple H” Levesque was a guest on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Thursday to promote the organization. During the interview, he was asked if the organization was interested in signing former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey.

“She’s definitely interested and we’re having conversations.”, Triple H said, ” I’ll say it right here on ESPN: If she wants the opportunity, I’d be willing to give it to her.”

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Rousey is one of the biggest names in MMA and the face of women’s MMA. She made an appearance in the WWE before. She made an appearance at Wrestlemania, where she assisted Dwayne ‘the Rock” Johnson. Rousey judo threw both Triple H and his real life wife, Stephanie McMahon around the ring.

Rousey has not fought in MMA since she was knocked out by Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

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