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Top 25 Fights in UFC History: #25 Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon 1

By Keith Shillan

December is here, and one of the favorite traditions of my family is an advent calendar. Each day, my children take a candy and count down the days towards Christmas. Well, we decided here to do our own advent calendar. But instead of handing out candy, we hand out great UFC fights. Over the next 25 Days, I will be counting down the 25 greatest fights in UFC history. The picks will not be representative of the picks of our entire staff, but my picks alone.

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The fights were selected by three things. Competitiveness, Action, and Importance of Fight (main events, and title fights will receive more importance than just a regular fight).

Here we begin. Let the debating start.

Due to copyright issues, I will not be posting the videos of the fight in here. Check the internet and you should find it.

# 25. Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon 1


December 29th, 2012. C

Co-Main Event of UFC 155 dos Santos vs Velasquez 2

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada


The fight wasn’t even originally supposed to happen. Lauzon, was scheduled to face Gray Maynard, who had to withdraw from the contest due to an injury and was replaced by Miller.

Both Miller and Lauzon have never been seen as title contenders, but both guys have been in the UFC forever, and a usually ranked just outside the top 10 . Both guys were in their primes for this fight.

Both guys have always been known for their top Jiu Jitsu game, but both also have strong striking games. Miller using a traditional Muay Thai style, while Lauzon uses more of a boxing style


This fight was crazy action packed and extremely bloody.

The first round was all Jim Miller’s. Miller immediately found his striking range, and threw a high output of strong left hand and inside leg kicks. Miller came out with a relentless pace, and landed huge shots on Lauzon. When Miller hurt Lauzon with a left hand, Miller followed up by grabbing the back of Lauzon’s head and firing off perfect dirty boxing. Miller landed numerous uppercuts, hooks, knees and elbows to a visible hurt Lauzon.

The biggest shot of the fight was a left hook by Miller, that led to a huge cut over Lauzon’s right eye that gushed out huge amounts of blood for the remainder of the contest. With blood flowing, Miller locks in a standing head and arm choke, but Lauzon was able to escape. Just when it appeared that Miller might stop Lauzon, Joe answers with a step knee that back Miller up and has him hurt. However Miller recovers to land several power shots on Lauzon to end the round

In the second round, Miller changes it up, landing double leg takedown on Lauzon. While both guys are laying in what looks like a pond of blood, Miller passes guard and eventually gets the mount on Lauzon. Lauzon is able to scramble, but Miller secures a deep D’arce choke on Lauzon during the scramble. However, when Lauzon is able to escape the near finish, he is on top and finally able to land some of his own offense. Lauzon peppers Miller from on top, and then drops down on a heel hook, while both guys swim in a the blood to end the round.

In the third round, both guys are visible exhausted, but both show crazy heart and continue to throw bombs at each other. Lauzon knows he is down on the scorecard, so he starts to push the pace. His best shot of the fight was another step knee that bends Miller over for a brief second. As Miller recovers, Lauzon dives towards Miller in a flying heel hook attempt. Lauzon cranks on Miller’s leg, but Miller escapes, but finds himself in a guillotine attempt. The bell sounds, and both guys lay motionless on the bloody mat.

Results and Notes:

Miller wins a unanimous decision. The fight was insanely bloody and had a great pace. The fight had action on both the feet and the ground. The fight would be higher on the list, but it was an easy decision for Miller, who clearly won the first two rounds.

The two rematched this past year, in another great fight. Miller won a split decision, though most people scored the contest for Lauzon. Though the second fight was great, it couldn’t live up to the first fight.

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