Top 25 Fights in UFC History: #24 Roger Huerta vs Clay Guida

By Keith Shillan

Yesterday, we started our Christmas Advent calendar, which I revealed my 25th greatest fight in UFC history. Today, we move on to #24

Running List:

#25. Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon 1

#24. Roger Huerta vs Clay Guida


December 8th, 2007

Main Event of the Ultimate Fighter Season 6 finale

Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada


At this time, Roger Hueta was being shaped into a UFC superstar. The UFC had a young, talented, fighter that happened to be Mexican American. The UFC brass was hoping that Huerta would be their Oscar De La Hoya, and bring in the Mexican boxing fans to the UFC. Huerta grew national attention just before this fight, when he became the first fighter in MMA history to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Huerta, who was just outside the top 10 rankings, faced his toughest test of his career, when he faced perennial top 10 fighter, Clay Guida. Guida was known for his non-stop pressure, unstoppable takedowns, and a willingness to go toe to toe with anybody.


This fight was crazy action packed, with both fighters pressing forward.

The first round started in a flurry. Guida shot a deep shot on Huerta’s legs, and immediately picked him over his head, and slammed him on the ground. Huerta quickly scrambled to his feet, only to have Guida slam him to the ground again. Huerta rolled underneath Guida and grabbed a deep knee bar. Huerta yanked on his Guida’s knee, while the Carpenter punched Huerta, several times. While both guys were wrestling around, Guida landed a viscous knee. Then both guys sat down on their punches, and started to land bombs on each other. Huerta mixed in several high kicks, until Guida landed a blast double leg takedown. However, as soon as Guida landed the takedown, Huerta locked in a Kimura. Huerta used the submission attempt, to get Guida’s back. After Huerta was too high on the back, Guida flipped him over and landed on top position. Huerta swung his hips around and got a deep armbar on Guida, but somehow Guida escaped again, and finished the round on Huerta’s back.

The second round started off with a bang too. Both guys immediately exchanged big flurries at each other for about five seconds, until Guida changed levels and got a takedown. As Huerta was scrambling to his feet,¬†Guida landed an uppercut on Huerta, that looked similar to when Mario punches the bricks in the Nintendo game, sending Huerta flying across the octagon. Huerta got to his feet and both guys threw another crazy exchange, but Guida landed another takedown. and during a scramble, got Huerta’s back again. Huerta attempted to get to his feet, but Guida picked him up again and slammed him hard. Guida started to land big shots to Guida’s head from behind. Huerta got back to the feet, but Guida landed several strikes. It looked like Guida was taking over, until Huerta landed a huge left hand that buckled Guida. With Guida hurt, Huerta went in for the kill, but Guida caught El Matador with a big right hand that floored him. Guida went in for the kill himself, landing big ground and pound, even hitting him with several double punches, similar to Hulk smashes, until the round ended and being saved by the bell.

Huerta was down 2-0 and looked desperate starting the third round. Huerta threw everything he had into a flying knee, that send Guida crashing to the canvas. Huerta spun behind Guida, and sunk in a rear naked choke, causing Guida to tap out.

Results and Notes:


This fight was crazy. Every time it appeared that one of the guys would finish the fight, somehow the other would fire back and take control of the fight. Huerta’s comeback’s is one of the most memorable in UFC history, and helped propel him into a bigger star.
However, this was the highlight of his career, Huerta went on a losing streak, and quickly fizzled out of the UFC.
Guida made a career out of crazy exciting fights. Perhaps, we will see him on the list again.
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