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Top 25 Fights in UFC History: #2 Dan Henderson vs Mauricio Rua 1

SAN JOSE, CA - NOVEMBER 19: (R-L) Mauricio Rua and Dan Henderson exchange punches during an UFC Light Heavyweight bout at the HP Pavillion on November 19, 2011 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
I thought somebody would die

Running List:

#25. Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon 1

#24. Roger Huerta vs Clay Guida

#23. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Randy Couture

#22 Cheick Kongo vs Pat Berry

#21 Chris Leben vs Yoshihiro Akiyama

#20. Frank Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz

#19 Andrei Arlovski vs Travis Browne

#18. Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard 2 and 3

#17. Georges St. Pierre vs Johny Hendricks

#16 Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva

#15. Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan

#14. Karo Parisyan vs Nick Diaz

#13 Johny Hendricks vs Robbie Lawler 1 and 2

#12. Diego Sanchez vs Nick Diaz

#11. Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg 2

#10. Mark Hunt vs Antonio Silva

# 9. Jose Aldo Jr vs Chad Mendes 2

#8 Diego Sanchez vs Clay Guida

#7 Randy Couture vs Pedro Rizzo 1

#6 Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson

#5. Gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez

#4. Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2

#3. Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar 1

#2. Dan Henderson vs Mauricio “Shogun” Rua 1

November 19th, 2011

Main Event of UFC 139

HP Pavilion, San Jose, California


Two of the greatest fighters of All-Time clash in a classic fight. Both fighters had legendary careers in both the UFC and Pride FC, but somehow never fought each other before this fight.


The first round begins with Henderson cracking Shogun with a huge right hand, and Shogun shoots in a takedown, and gets a takedown, but Henderson lands in a 5 finger guillotine, when Shogun pops his head out, Henderson unloads about 15 unanswered punches, which cuts Shogun open. Henderson lands another big right that drops Shogun, who shoots in for a single, but gets hit with several hammerfists. Henderson gets double underhooks on Shogun and throws him to the ground, but let’s him get up. Shogun lands a knee and follows up with a right hand. Shogun lands a leg kick and shoots in for a takedown, which Henderson blocks. Henderson lands a right hand. He follows up with a 1-2 combination. Shogun lands two straight right hands, that drops Henderson. Henderson grabs a single, while Shogun is sprawled on top of him. Shogun lands several shots to the side of Henderson’s face.They scramble to the feet and Henderson lands a 1-2 combination. Shogun lands an uppercut. Henderson lands a left hook, and Shogun counters with his own. They clinch and exchange knees and some dirty boxing as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson

The second round begins, and both fighters exchange jabs. They clinch and exchange knees. Shogun lands a right hand, and Henderson follows up with a 3 punch combination. Henderson lands a 4 punch combination that hurts Shogun. Shogun lands a left hook of his own. Henderson lands a jab. Both fighters start throwing bombs on each other. Shogun lands a straight left. They clinch, and Henderson lands 3 punches when they break. They clinch again and exchange shots in the clinch. Shogun lands a straight right, and Henderson lands 3 punch combination. The round ends. 10-9 Henderson

The third round begin with Shogun landing a straight right. Henderson counters with a right hand, and Shogun lands a 1-2 combination. Henderson lands 3 big uppercuts but is stumbled by a Shogun right hand. Shogun lands a body kick, but is tripped down by Henderson. Shogun gets up immediately. Shogun is dropped by a right hand from Henderson. Henderson rains down huge shots from the top. Probable 20-30 in a row. Ref looking close to stopping it. Shogun rolls underneath Henderson and attempts a knee bar. Henderson escapes and both fighters clinch on the feet. Shogun drops down on a single, but Henderson hits him with two downward elbows. They clinch again. Shogun drops down for a double but gets hit with 4 big downward elbows. Shogun gets the takedown and starts unloading some nice ground and pound. Henderson gets up, with Shogun behind him. Both guys clinch. As they break, Shogun lands a 2 punch combination. Very good round. 10-9 Henderson

Fourth round begins with Shogun taking Henderson down. As Henderson gets up, Shogun lands 3 punches. Shogun takes Henderson down with a single, but Henderson lands a crucifix. Henderson uses it to get the mount briefly, but Shogun scrambles to his feet. Henderson shoots in for a double and takes Shogun down. Shogun attempts a sweep but is stopped by a one armed guillotine. Henderson rains down 3 huge right hands, causing Shogun to scramble up Shogun lands an uppercut. They exchange jabs. Shogun lands a huge uppercut. Henderson shoots in for a takedown but can’t get it. Shogun counters with a 4 punch combination. Shogun lands two jabs and a left hook. They clinch and Shogun gets a takedown and mounts Henderson. He rains down some good punches. Henderson gives up his back, and Shogun attempts a rear naked choke. Henderson escapes and lands on top. 10-9 Shogun.

The fifth round begins, and both guys are exhausted. Henderson lands a right hand, and shoots in for a takedown, but Shogun lands on top. Shogun mounts Henderson and lands shots from on top. Henderson pulls him into his chest, but Shogun pulls his head out and lands more shots until Henderson is able to scramble o half guard, but Shogun gets back to full mount and lands more shots. Henderson is able to pull him down again, but Shogun sits up again and rains down more punches. Henderson is completely gassed. Shogun lands more shots, but Henderson works to half guard. The round ends with Shogun on top. Big round for Shogun, 10-8.

. I scored it a 47-47 draw.

Results and Notes:


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Henderson wins a unanimous decision. Crazy as it sounds, this might not have even been the best MMA fight of the night. Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler 1 was also the same night in Bellator.

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They would rematch 3 years later, with Henderson winning by 3rd round KO. Both fighters made my top 25 fighters of All-Time list that I did in July. Henderson came in at 5, and Shogun at 14.

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