Top 25 Fights in UFC History: #19 Andrei Arlovski vs Travis Browne

<> in their heavyweight bout during the UFC 187 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 23, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By Keith Shillan

If they fight this hard as friends, imagine if they were enemies.

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#19. Andrei Arlovski vs Travis Browne

May 23rd, 2015

UFC 187: Johnson vs Cormier card

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada


This was a matchup between two top 10 ranked heavyweight. Travis Browne was a heavyweight that was getting some buzz and at one time thought of as a true heavyweight title contender, due to his size, power, kicks, and use of elbows.

Andrei Arlovski is a former UFC heavyweight champion, who was in the middle of a career resurgence after return to the UFC after a long layoff.




This fight didn’t last long as the two heavyweights came out swinging.

Arlovski rushes in and lands a straight right. Browne counters with two hard shots to the midsection of the former UFC champ. Arlovski lands the best shot of the fight with a right hand. This backs Browne up, who is visible hurt. Arlovski tries to finish Browne by landing a large series of big shots, about twenty in total. He ends the flurry with a nice knee to Browne’s body.

As they separate, Arlovski rushes in again and lands an overhand right, and several punches to the body, and a big uppercut. Browne is hurt again. Browne creates distance, and shakes off the cobwebs. Browne lands a hard left hook. He attempts to follow up with a right hand, but “the Pitbull” slips by it, and lands a right backfist, that hurts Browne. Arlovski follows up with a furious 4 piece combination, that buckles Browne’s legs. Arlovski goes in for the kill again, and lands another 4 piece combination. He throws a body shot, and lands another overhand right.

Browne backs up to attempt to recover, and Arlovski lands an overhand right. Then the former champion lands another overhand right. Browne is really hurt. Arlovski lands another 4 punch combination, and then follows up with a huge right hand. Arlovski misses a big right hand, but lands another right backfist, that drops Browne. Arlovski hits Browne in the back of the head with a hammer fist, and a uppercut and right hook as Browne is getting back to his feet, As Browne retreats he lands another 4 piece combination.

The best moment of the fight comes as Arlovski unloads a 7 punch combination. As he finishes the combination, Browne lands his own big right hand, and Arlovski is dropped to the canvas, face down. Browne lands to big hammerfists to a hurt Arlovski. He throws another big shot, but slippes, and Arlovski gets on top. He hits Browne with a hammerfist, and lands a big knee as both heavyweights get to their feet.

Arlovski goes in for a kill, landing another 4 punch combination. He lands two short elbows, and a body kick.

Arlovski lands a crushing left hand that rocks Arlovski, and then finishes with a crazy right hand and uppercut. Browne is hurt bad, causing the referee to jump in and stop the fight.


Results and Notes:

Andrei Arlovski wins by 1st round TKO.

Mike Goldberg screams, “I think we have a new favorite fight of All- Time”.

This fight will probable be the most one sided fight on the list. Arlovski dominated from almost start to finish. However, Browne almost finished the fight with one shot. This fight didn’t last long, but this opening round was as good as any round in history.


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