Top 25 Fights in UFC History: #15 Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan

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By Keith Shillan

Some of the slickest ground games you will see

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#15. Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan

August 17th, 2006

Main Event of UFC Fight Night 6

Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada


This fight puts young stars against each other in the primes of their career. Diego Sanchez enters the contest as the first Ultimate Fighter winner with a perfect 15-0 record, against Karo Parisyan, who was 6-1 in the UFC and was scheduled to fight for the title, until he had to withdraw due to an injury. Mike Goldberg kept selling this fight as a #1 contender matchup, though the winner didn’t get a title shot.

Sadly, this fight isn’t ranked on many people’s list as a top fight, because of some much action on the ground. However, these two guys displayed how great a fight can be between to top ground fighters.


The fight begins with immediate action. Sanchez opens up with a hard 1-2 combination, and then lands a right uppercut. As Parisyan attempts to counter, Sanchez times a nice double leg takedown, and immediately scrambles to mount position. Parisyan gives up his back and Sanchez begins to lay down hard shots from behind, while sliding in the body triangle with his legs. From there, he starts laying down even bigger shots. Somehow, Parisyan just stands up with Sanchez on his back, wiggling him off and lands a big right hand of his own as they break. Parisyan shoots a double leg takedown and takes down the Ultimate Fighter winner. Sanchez scrambles to his feet and lands a knee, before being taking down again by another double leg takedown. Parisan starts to land good shots from on top, including a big elbow. Sanchez creates some space and lands an upkick, before Parisyan lands another big shot. The Armenian fighter attempts at another big elbow, which Sanchez slides by, and uses the miss to reverse positions and take Parisyan’s back. Parisyan gets up and lands a spinning back fist. Parisyan initiates the clinch and lands a crazy Judo throw, that tosses both guys in the air. Sanchez legs go over his head, as he lands on his back with Parisyan on top. Sanchez works his way to the feet again, and lands a big right hand. Parisyan initiates the clinch again, and lands another crazy Judo throw that was similar to the first. Parisyan lands some ground and pound before Sanchez gets up and they both fire bombs at each other. Parisyan lands a hard 3 punch combination before both fighters throw bombs at each other again before the round ends. Extremely close round that could go either way.

The second round begins and Parisyan comes out the aggressor. He lands a stiff 1-2 combination, while Sanchez lands to right hands of his own. Parisyan lands ahead kick while Sanchez responds with another right hand. Parisyan lands threw right hands before shooting in for a double leg takedown and finishing with a huge slam. Sanchez elevates Parisyan from bottom and rolls to a knee bar. Parisyan slips out and both fighters are back on their feet. Parisyan lands another double leg takedown, but Sanchez quickly works back to his feet. Sanchez lands a hard uppercut followed by a straight right. Sanchez lands another straight right, and Parisyan attempts to counter with a Judo throw, which he misses, giving Sanchez his back. Sanchez trips Parisyan down, who quickly gets back up. While getting up, Sanchez hits him with two knees. Parisyan goes for another Judo throw, sending both guys flying, but both roll through and get back on their feet without anybody gaining an positional advantage. Parisyan hits another double, while Sanchez rolls underneath for a knee bar. Parisyan lands some ground and pound as Sanchez works to his knees. Sanchez lands a very slick sit through and takes the Heat’s back as the round ends. Another close round that could go either way. I gave it to Parisyan.

The third round starts with both guys exchanges bombs. Parisyan grabs the clinch and lands a short right hand, before Sanchez lands an uppercut. They break and Parisyan lands a step knee and two straight right hands. They clinch again and Sanchez lands two uppercuts in the clinch. Parisyan lands a 1-2 combination, followed by a double leg takedown. Parisyan starts landing some ground and pound, before Sanchez lands a switch and gets on top after his own double leg takedown. Sanchez gets Parisyan’s back and locks in a rear naked choke that looks tight. Parisyan wiggles out of it, but gives up the mount position. Sanchez lands some hard hard ground and pound. Parisyan scrambles free and gets to his feet. He gets int he clinch, where Sanchez lands a right. Parisyan starts to rally by landing 4 right hooks, before Sanchez rallies back with 4 uppercuts. Both fighters break and start throwing bombs at each other again. They clinch up, and Sanchez lands a knee to Parisyan’s head. Parisyan attempts another Judo throw, but this time Sanchez lands on top. Sanches finishes the round with some very heavy ground and pound. Sanchez wins the round.

Very close fight that could be scored for either fighter.


Results and Notes:


Diego Sanchez wins a unanimous decision, though the fight was razer close and can go either way. Of those that submitted their scores to MMAdecisions, it was split 50/50.

Sanchez went on to have a long UFC career, and competed in some of the greatest fights in MMA history. Perhaps, we will see him on this list more.

Parisyan career would take a talespin due to his long battle with painkillers. Sadly, his career will go down as one of the most wasted potential of All-Time. However, when Parisyan was on the top of his game, he had some classic battles. Perhaps, we will see him on this list more too.

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