Top 25 Fights in UFC History: #14 Karo Parisyan vs Nick Diaz

By Keith Shillan

Two very young future stars in a classic battle

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#14. Karo Parisyan vs Nick Diaz

August 21st, 2004

On the Prelims of UFC 49

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada



Two stalwarts of the UFC welterweight division, Karo Parisyan and Nick Diaz square off as two very green prospects. Parisyan was only 21 years old, while Diaz is only 20. Nobody knew that this early preliminary fight would matchup two of the biggest stars of the mid 2000s.

Diaz said before the prefight interview that he didn’t think Parisyan was a good matchup for him. Does that should like the Stockton Badboy of the future? Parisyan was so green that he forgot his cup when he entered the octagon.


These two guys get right at it. Parisyan initiates the clinch and immediately grabs a leg and picks up Diaz and gets a huge slam. Diaz scrambles and gets a deep Kimura. He is yanking Parisyan’s arm behind Parisyan’s back, while on his own back. Parisyan escapes and uses the momentum to take Diaz back. Diaz rolls for a knee bar, but Parisyan escapes after landing a big punch. Diaz still on the bottom, locks on a triangle choke, but Parisyan escapes again and lands a huge punch. Parisyan starts to open up with ground and pound to a grounded Diaz. Diaz scrambles to his feet, and then lands a trip takedown for himself. Diaz opens up his own ground and pound. Parisyan works to his feet and lands two straight right hands. Parisyan shoots in and lands a huge double leg takedown slam. “The Heat” lands some ground and pound, while Diaz attempts an armbar from bottom. Parisyan throws down more ground and pound to escape the submission, and lands another huge leaping punch on Diaz. Diaz attempts an omaplata, but Parisyan gets loose and lands more ground and pound. Diaz gets another deep Kimura, but Parisan rolls out of it, giving up his back to Diaz. Parisyan attempts his own standing Kimura attempt. Diaz escapes and lands a 3 punch combination. Diaz lands a hard uppercut, and a knee to Parisyan’s head. Parisyan lands two straight right hands. This gets both fighters to exchange bombs. The round ends as Diaz lands another hard knee. Very close round, which I gave to Parisyan

Parisyan bull rushes a double leg takedown, but Diaz immediately hit a sweep. Diaz lands some shots from top. Parisyan gives up back, but rolls for a Kimura. Diaz rolls with him, and keeps his back. Parisyan scrambles again and gets a front headlock and lands a knee on Diaz as he is getting up. Parisyan lands an overhand right. Diaz responds with a right hook. Both fighters clinch, where Diaz lands a lot of dirty boxing, with and many punches and knees to the body. Parisyan responds with an uppercut. Diaz lands two straight left hands and both fighters sit on their punches and start throwing bombs at each other. As they reset, Diaz lands 4 unanswered left lands. Parisyan responds by landing back to back right hands. Diaz lands a 1-2 combination, and then a high kick. Both fighters start to exchange bombs again. Diaz lands a 4 punch combination. Parisyan responds by landing back to back overhand rights. Diaz lands a hard step knee. Parisyan lands another overhand right, which hurts Diaz. Parisyan lands another double leg takedown as the round ends. Very close round, which I gave to Diaz.

Diaz lands a 1-2 combination. Pariyan responds by landing a step knee. Diaz lands another 1-2 that hurts Parisyan. Parisyan lands a must needs double leg takedown. Diaz locks in a triangle choke, but Parisyan gets out by landing shots from on top. Parisyan lands some hard elbows that hurt Diaz. Diaz goes throw another triangle attempt. Diaz scrambles to his feet. Diaz lands a knee, and Parisyan gets another double leg takedown. Diaz grabs a very deep Kimura. Parisyan gets out of it by landing a hard overhand right. They get to their feet, where Parisyan gets another quick takedown. Diaz throws up an armbar attempt. Parisyan takes Diaz back, but Diaz rolls underneath and locks on a leg lock. Parisyan scrambles to his feet, and lands another double leg takedown. Diaz goes for the rear gogoplata, and when Parisyan pulls away, Diaz lands two up kicks. Both fighters clinch, and Diaz lands two uppercuts and a hard knee. As they break, Parisyan lands another double leg takedown. Diaz goes for an armbar which he misses, but lands some punches from the bottom. Parisyan lands some ground and pound from on top, as the round end. Another close round, but I scored it for Parisyan. I scored the fight 29-28 Parisyan, but could have went either way.

Results and Notes:

Parisyan wins a split decision.

Sadly, as so many new fans have come to the sport, many don’t know anything about Karo Parisyan. Parisyan was one of the top welterweights for years, and an extremely exciting fighter. His battle with Nick Diaz is on the best displays of top notch grappling.

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