Tony Ferguson wants to be champion of three weight classes.

Tony Ferguson secured the biggest win of his career on Saturday, when he battered former lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos to a unanimous decision, however he seems to have much loftier goals. During the post fight press conference, Ferguson revealed his plans to to win the UFC title at featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight.

Ferguson stated,  “there are two other divisions I would love to be able to go into. I made 153 pounds at the weigh-ins. I weighed in with pants on. I can go down to 145. I can kick everyone’s butt there. I can bump back up to 155, knock everybody out and finish them, and you’re damn sure I can go to 170 and do the same thing. I want to be a multi-division champ.”

While the feat seems far fetched, Ferguson did fight at 170 lbs before coming to the UFC, and he won the 13th season of the Ultimate Fighter show at 170 lbs.

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B.J. Penn and Randy Couture have both held titles in the UFC in two different weight classes, but neither did it simultaneously. Penn, attempted to win the welterweight title, while being the lightweight champion, when he faced Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94. St. Pierre won by TKO, when Penn was unable to continue between the fourth and fifth round.

Current UFC featherweight champion, Conor McGregor will attempt to make history at UFC 205, when he challenges for the UFC lightweight championship against Eddie Alvarez, this Saturday in New York City.

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