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UFC Veteran Tim Hague Brain Dead After Boxing Match

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Tragedy has hit the world of MMA again.

For UFC fighter, Tim Haguen has been declared brain dead after suffering a knockout in a boxing match Friday Night. Hague, who retired from MMA in 2016, recently tried his hand in boxing. He squared off against Adam Braidwood on Friday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Hague was dropped five times in two rounds before a left hook from Braidwood sent Hague crashing to the canvas a sixth time.

Hague remained unconscious and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was in a coma. He required brain surgery because of brain bleeding but was eventually pronounced brain dead.

Hague is currently on life support while his family makes arrangements for organ donations.

Hague fought in the UFC five times. He has a 21-13 MMA record and a 1-3 boxing record.

Hague is 34 years old.



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