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The Midweek MMA Fix


Sometimes it is difficult to make it to the end of the week, especially with an impending plethora of events to take place. Not a worry to be had, here is your midweek fix with some quick thoughts regarding the sport.

– The alleged “brawl” involving Conor McGregor likely didn’t happen.

Proud Sponsor of the MMA Takeover!

– Francis Ngannou fights this weekend, say that again, your voice likely raised an octave in excitement.

– I still have my gut feeling Jose Aldo beats Holloway to claim the Featherweight title back. Weird, I know.

– This Bellator Heavyweight tournament sounds fun in theory, it also sounds like an absolute train wreck waiting to happen.

– Nate Diaz has over assessed his worth tremendously.

– I wonder if (insert clickbaity site) posts Conor McGregor has now infiltrated the Irish mob, how many mma fans would believe it? It’s coming…. Just wait.

– When can I see Mairbek Taisumov fight again?

– I’m feeling Jon Jones is gonna get “time served” handed down to him.

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