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The Midweek Fix

Another week down, and just a couple more days to go until UFC 220 taking place in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday! We have arguably the most exciting, and intriguing heavyweight bout in UFC history when champion Stipe Miocic attempts to make his third title defense opposite rising phenom Francis Ngannou. This week, more than any other recently deserved a good “Midweek Fix”. I think I delivered a good one for you, let us proceed.

– Stipe Miocic would probably beat any other Heavyweight in history; I am picking against him Saturday at #UFC220

– So potential September return for Conor McGregor. Venue in Russia reserved for September. Putting puzzles together is fun.
– I really wanna see Dominick Cruz back in action soon. I just felt like saying that.

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– So Jon Jones passed a lie detector test, an attempt at substantiation for reinstatement. Not a bad idea.
– Can we just get some weight cutting restrictions implemented? Please? This whole, “as long as they make the weight” narrative is painfully archaic. Fighters need to be saved from themselves.

– So Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov set for UFC 223, cool – but it is the 4th attempt, I will believe it when the cage door shuts.

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