The Great Debate: Lewis vs Browne

By Garrett Kerman and Nick Portella

We are back with another Great Debate. Nick Portella lost his championship after picking Holly Holmm over Germaine de Randamie, who was picked by Garrett Kerman. Now we move to the main event, of UFC Fight Night 105, as Derrick Lewis and Travis Browne fight in a battle of giants. Garrett is defending the title for the first time, and his challenger is Nick again. We are having a classic rematch. Garrett is taking Lewis, while Nick is taking Browne. Let’s here their arguments.

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Reason Why Lewis will Win by Garrett Kerman:

Welcome back to another segment of The Great Debate. Today we are debating this Sunday’s exciting main event which includes Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis taking on Travis “Hapa” Browne. This fight should be a straight slobber knocker from start to finish. The Las Vegas Sportsbooks have this fight as a pick em in gambling terms means it is even money whomever you pick to win this fight. Derrick Lewis is on the rise in the Heavyweight division and with a win here could sky rocket him up the ranking. Lewis is coming off of 5 straight victories, 4 by way of knockout. Lewis possesses the power to knockout anyone in the entire Heavyweight division which doesn’t bode well for Browne who has been knocked out in 2 of his last 4 bouts.

Browne is coming off two straight losses to two of the best Heavyweights in the division. Some can argue that Lewis hasn’t fought the stiff competition that Browne has. Those same people said the same thing when Francis Ngannou was facing off against Andrei Arlovski and we all know how that ended. I believe the distraction of his relationship in the media with Ronda Rousey has played into his bad habits in his last few fights. If he doesn’t shake that off and keep his head on straight it’s going to be a long night for him.

Lewis has the power, strength and stamina to win this fight in a short amount of time or in the later rounds. If this is a stand up war Browne is unlikely to out strike Lewis. The weakness of Lewis game is his takedown defense, but Browne doesn’t go for many takedowns I expect him to try and box with Lewis

If you are looking to place a wager on this fight take Derrick Lewis at -115 and over 1.5 rounds at -115 both great bets with great odds. If you are looking to wager on the fights, always remember wager responsibly, wager within your means and have good bankroll management.

Reason Why Browne will Win by Nick Portella:

Good day fight fans and here is to another episode of the great debate. I will be going against my man Garrett for the second week in a row.  The fight in question is Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis vs. Travis “Hapa” Browne. This fight is a close match so for the betters it is anyone’s game. After crunching the numbers and doing some homework I have a view that is much different from the odds.

Derrick Lewis is on a five fight hot streak currently, but as I always say streaks are meant to be broken. Let’s look at some basic stats to see how these guys measure up. Lewis is 32 years old with a record of 15-4.  He is 6’3” tall with an arm reach of 79” and a leg reach of 43”.  Browne is 34 years old with a record of 18-5-1.  He is 6’7” tall with an arm reach of 79” and a leg reach of 45”. Lewis is younger, but Browne has height and reach advantage and a slightly better win percentage. I want to add that Browne is on a 2 fight losing streak but to top notch opponents with his last loss coming via decision.

On to the strategic part. Lewis has the heart of a lion with a no quit attitude and fighting style. This is his greatest asset along with knockout power. To me he has not excelled to be overly efficient in his stand up or ground game. If he gets the chance to tag you there is potential that you are going to sleep. Those attributes alone are enough to win a fight and he has the record to support that. Browne on the other hand is a different kind of fighter. Browne is a large opponent that is a very efficient striker, and has a well rounded ground game. He has the ability to knock you out or submit you. Both fighters are very durable which should cancel out their knockout power but they have also both been beaten via KO/TKO.

Lewis has won 88% of his fights via knockout.  Browne has won 78% via knockout. Those states are close enough to call them even. Lewis has only finished 6% of his fights via submission which equals 1 fight. Browne has finished 11% via submission which is 2. Browne has never been submitted and Lewis has been. I think Browne has faced better opponents overall as well. If this fight stays a stand up slugfest it will be close but I think Browne’s skill will outmatched Lewis’s power. If the fights goes to the ground which I believe is going to be the strategy used at the Browne camp, I do not believe Lewis can survive the onslaught. Browne is in the hunt for a title shot.

I think this is a clear win for Travis Browne. My prediction is Browne wins in round 3 via submission.



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