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The Great Debate: Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson

Back at UFC 205, Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson put on an historic back and forth battle which was ruled a draw. On Saturday night, they will fight again to show who is the best fighter in the welterweight champion. We have two of the best writers arguing who they think is going to win. Garrett Kerman is the current Great Debate Champion on a two fight winning streak, but he faces Zak Katine, who always brings it. Let’s see who gets it correct. 

Why Tyron Woodley Beats Stephen Thompson (Zak Katine):

November 12, 2016 is a night that is instilled in the history books. Not only was that the first UFC fight in New York but it was the first fight in Madison Square Garden. It was a night to remember and one of the reasons was for the two fighters that are headlining UFC 209 Tyron Woodley and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. They put on a show for the crowd in a fight of the year candidate for 2016. The last fight ended in a draw so of course they must run it back. In the first fight, you saw a razor close fight where Woodley almost finished Thompson but somehow, Thompson survived a gauntlet of strikes and a deep guillotine. This fight will not end in a draw. Someone will leave with their hand raised,  and walk away with the welte weight title and that man is Tyron Woodley.

We all know what Thompson’s game plan is, which is to not get taken down, and stay on the outside to keep Woodley’s power at bay. Its pretty simple and there’s not much he can change or is going to change in his head. He threw a slow kick in the first round and paid for it and got caught in the 4th round besides that he was winning most of the standup battle. Woodley can make a few changes though first and foremost.  Woodley should  wrestle more, put the pressure on Thompson and make him work to defend shots and the clinch. In the first fight, he kept putting his back against the cage which let Thompson throw his shots but when Woodley pressured Thompson he could get in range and hit him. If Woodley applies the pressure, wrestles and uses his power he wins this fight. Woodley is one of those rare athletes that is so explosive, dynamic and strong that he can change the fight at any moment whether it be with a power shot or his wrestling. Thompson can only win by landing shots from the outside. Woodley can win by grinding out with wrestling takedowns, or he can end the fight with one punch. Woodley has more was of winning. I think we see the best Woodley we’ve ever seen and maybe finally he’ll get some respect and people will stop doubting him.

Tyron Woodley def. Stephen Thompson via 3rd round TKO.

Why Stephen Thompson Beats Tyron Woodley (Garrett Kerman): 

It’s time for another segment of The Great Debate with myself Garrett Kerman and my good friend Zak Katine. This time around we are debating the main event for this weekend’s UFC 209 card. I am siding with the one should already be crowned the welterweight champion Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. In their first matchup at Madison Square Garden in New York City,  I had Thompson coming out as the victor and there is no difference here.

I whole heartedly believe that Thompson had the first fight won between them two. The 10-8 round that the judges scored in round 4 was absolutely despicable. We have seen fighters been beaten to a bloody pulp in some rounds, get saved by the bell and still end up with only a 10-9 round. Thompson out worked Woodley in 3 out of the 5 rounds something I see very similar happening this time around.

When Thompson and Woodley were fighting at range Woodley couldn’t connect on any clean shots. Woodley for most of their previous fight was chasing Thompson around whiffing on his patented right hand. Woodley has some of the best wrestling if not the best wrestling in the welterweight division but was only able to get one takedown in the entire fight.

As one of the greatest fighters in UFC history (Georges St. Pierre) has noted Thompson has some of the best strikes in welterweight history and that will hold true in the rematch. Thompson is too quick, too agile and possesses as much power as Woodley does in his right hand in his leg kicks. Thompson’s movement is going to be way too much for Woodley to handle for 5 straight rounds. Thompson is going to go in there, keep his distance and land a ton of combinations through 5 straight rounds. At the end of the fight you will hear Bruce Buffer announce….. “AND NEW WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD STEPHEN ” WONDERBOY”THOMPSON!!!”


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