The Great Debate: “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung vs. Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez

Chan Sung Jung (13-4) vs. Dennis Bermudez (17-5)

UFC Fight Night: Saturday, February 4, 2017 (Toyota Center)

Zak Katine steps into The Great Debate against our newest staff writer Nick Portella in this week’s Great Debate. Each writer will give their thoughts on who will win and why.

Why “The Korean Zombie” Will Win:

Written by: Nick Portella

The current betting line is:  Bermudez -190 / Jung +165
Good day fight fans and here is to another episode of the great debate.  I will be going against my man Zak.  The fight in question is “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung vs. Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez.  The odds and the majority are in favor of Bermudez winning this fight but I have a different thought.  Let’s take a look at why The Korean Zombie will win this fight.

Dennis Bermudez is on a hot streak currently, but streaks are meant to be broken.  Let’s look at some basic stats to see how these guys measure up.  Bermudez is 30 years old with a record of 17-5.  He is 5’6” tall with a reach of 66 inches.  Jung is 29 years old with a record of 13-4.  He is 5’7” tall with a reach of 77 inches.  Jung is younger, taller, has a longer reach, and has a slightly better win percentage.  I will add that Jung has not stepped into the octagon for over three years due to military leave.

Now comes the strategic part.  Bermudez has some great strong points.  He has great takedowns and wrestling, is a cardio machine, and without a doubt has knock out power.  All the attributes you may want to pick a winner.  Jung on the other hand I feel is the perfect kryptonite.  Jung has great cardio also and is a more aggressive fighter.  He has a jaw like granite which can neutralize Bermudez KO power.  Bermudez strongest point which is his wrestling will be a non-factor because Jung’s strongest point is his submission game, and his submission game is large.  He has won via twister and brabo choke which are not the common methods.  That tells me that he is ready and able to pull off some amazing things.

Bermudez has won 53% of his fights via decision.  Jung has won 62% of his fights via submission.  80% of Bermudez’s losses were due to submission.  Jung has only been knocked out twice.  Jung looks to finish more fights and his has the stats to prove it.  I also think that Jung’s wins have come from better opponents than Bermudez.  Jung’s losses have been to fighters like Aldo.  The picture is becoming clearer.  Jung is a more seasoned fighter who is looking to make a splash on his return to the octagon.  He is still young, hungry, and chasing a title shot.  What better way to say that then to knock off a contender on a hot streak?

Prediction: Jung wins in Rd2 via submission.


Why Dennis “The Meance” Bermudez Will Win:

Written by: Zak Katine

I believe Dennis Bermudez will win for a variety of reasons and the first reason is simple; activity. The Korean Zombie hasn’t fought since August of 2013. He was injured in that very fight against Jose Aldo. Afterwards, he had military obligations to fulfill.

Dennis Bermudez has fought 7 times since Zombie last stepped into the octagon, going 5-2 in that span. His only losses were to top contenders Ricardo Lamas and Jeremy Stephens. Dennis Bermudez is a freak athlete; he’s fast, explosive, and very strong. He comes from a wrestling background so I see him not only having a strength and speed advantage over the Korean Zombie, but also having the grappling advantage. The one advantage KZ has is he is the better striker of the two. Bermudez’s chin is very questionable.

I think ring rust will play a factor in this and KZ will not be able to handle Bermudez’s pressure, his speed, nor will he be able to stop his take downs. I see Bermudez controlling the first two round with his wrestling and peppering away until he takes KZ out completely.

Prediction:  TKO Rd 3

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