The Great Debate: Mousasi vs Weidman

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Fight fans it’s been a few weeks without UFC action, but we’re back with your Great Debate. Some of you may be wondering why defending Champ Zak Katine isn’t in this debate? The answer is simple. We’ve expanded our Great Debate to the top 2 fights on the card. Zak will be defending his spot tomorrow.

This week we have the Battle of New Jersey with Nick Portella and Justin Peck squaring off. Here is there debate.

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Why Chris Weidman Will Win

Written by Nick Portella

The co-main event should be a great contest.  Chris Weidman will be meeting Gegard Mousasi in the octagon at UFC 210.  I will be taking on my fellow New Jersian Justin in this installment of The Great Debate.

Mousasi is a heavy favorite to win the matchup.  He is a very experienced fighter with tons of fight, knockouts, and submissions.  After some careful thought, number crunching, and predicting the future I have to go with the underdog Chris Weidman to win this fight.  Let’s take a look at why that will be the case.

Mousasi is a destructive fighter with a record of 41-6.  He is on a 4 fight wins streak but as always, streaks are meant to be broken.  He has wins in every imaginable way possible which would be why he is the favorite.

I think people are forgetting about how good Chris Weidman is because of two back to back brutal knockout losses. However Weidman is still 13-2. Weidman entered his first loss to Luke Rockhold at a healthy 13-0.  Even though he had a small rut Weidman is still a contender and has taken down some high level opponents such as Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort.  He is hungry to wear the UFC belt again and this fight is his big break back into the spotlight.

While Mousasi is very well rounded. I also believe that Weidman can stand up and throw hands with Mousasi. Weidman is a high output striker, that can work from outside or from in the pocket. He has already beaten more accomplished strikers than Mousasi in Anderson Silva, Lyota Machida, and a TRT juiced Vitor Belfort.

Mousasi is a very good grappler, however he has not faced a wrestler on Weidman’s level. The last time Mousasi faced a great grappler was Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and he was taken out easily. Sure Mousasi has a very good takedown defense rate (88%), but Weidman has already out wrestled a NCAA D1 national champion in Mark Munoz. If Weidman takes him down, is Mousasi supposed to submit him? Weidman wasn’t submitted by Silva, Machida, Belfort, and Demain Maia, all who are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts.

Even in the two losses, people forget how competitive the fights were. Weidman was beating Luke Rockhold when he made the mistake and allowed Rockhold to get on top. He was even at a round a piece heading into the 3rd round against Yoel Romero before the flying knee. It wasn’t like Weidman got steamed rolled by those two.

While this will be a war inside the octagon I have a gut feeling that this will be Weidman’s grand reentrance.  My prediction is Chris Weidman winning via decision, reminding everyone that it wasn’t that long ago that he was one of the top rated pound for pound fighters on the planet and putting himself back in line to reclaim a title.

Prediction: Chris Weidman wins by DEC

Why Gegard Mousasi Will Win:

Written by Justin Peck 

Middleweight is a crowded division with a lot of talent in the top 10. On Saturday night, Gegard Mousasi (#6) will prove why he will be moving up those rankings when he takes out Chris Weidman (#5)

Mousasi (41-6-2) will be competing for the 50th time in his career. Weidman (13-2), on the other hand, will be in just his 16th fight. Experience is an enormous advantage for Mousasi.  While you may think so many fights would indicate an older fighter that is not the case here. Gegard is actually one year younger than Weidman.

Mousasi is an incredibly well rounded fighter. He has very good striking to go with great wrestling. This is significant as it gives him a number of different ways to win. If Weidman starts besting Gegard in one aspect of his game, he can begin favoring another. In his career, he has 22 KO/TKO victories, 12 submission victories, and 7 wins by decision. You’ll be watching a man who can get the job done in a number of ways who does not have many weaknesses in his game.

The two fighters are also trending on opposite directions. Weidman has lost two fights in a row, first losing the championship to Luke Rockhold through some vicious ground and pound, then again to Yoel Romero by a vicious flying knee. Mousasi has won his last four fights, most recently avenging a loss to Uriah Hall. All four of these victories have been by stoppage. Although he hasn’t had to use it as of late, Mousasi has top level conditioning which will favor him in the last round.

I think we will see a close fight in the first two rounds with Mousasi making better adjustments as the fight wears on. Mousasi will capitalize on a fatigued Chris Weidman in Rd 3 and finish the fight with ground and pound, very similar to the way Luke Rockhold defeated Weidman.

Prediction: Mousasi wins by TKO Rd 3

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