The Great Debate: Holly Holm vs Germaine de Randamie

By Nick Portella and

We are back with another Great Debate. Nick Portella is our new champion after picking Chan Sung Jung over Dennis Bermudez, who was picked by Zak Katine. Now we move to the main event, of UFC 208, as Holly Holm and Germain de Randamie fight to become the first ever UFC women’s featherweight champion. Nick is taking Holly Holm, and his is being challenged by Garrett Kerman, who is picking de Randamie. Let’s here their arguments. 

Reason why Holly Holm wins by Nick Portella:

Good day fight fans and here is to another episode of the great debate.  I will be going against my man Garrett.  The fight in question is Germaine “The Iron Lady” de Randamie vs. Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm.  The odds and the majority are in favor of de Randamie winning this fight but I have a different thought (I took an average from 13 betting sites. The current betting line is:  de Randamie -125 / Holm +104).

Germaine de Randamie is currently on a winning streak, but like I always say streaks are meant to be broken.  Let’s look at some basic stats to see how these ladies measure up.  De Randamie is 32 years old with a record of 6-3.  She is 5’9” tall with an arm reach of 71”  and a leg reach of 41”.  Holm is 35 years old with a record of 10-2.  She is 5’8” tall with a arm reach of 69” and a leg reach of 38”.  De Randamie is younger, taller, has a longer reach, but has a lower win percentage.  Although de Randamie is on a 2 fight win streak and Holm is on a 2 fight losing streak let’s look at that stat a bit closer.  Holm may have 2 consecutive losses but the competition she lost to is far superior.  She lost via submission to Miesha Tate and lost to Valentina Shevchenko via decision.  Germaine has one very notable fight to Amanda Nunez which resulted in a loss via TKO.

Now comes the strategic part.  The Iron Lady does have some amazing ability.  Most notable is her kickboxing and her Muay Thai.  She has  been knocked out and submitted in her career.  She also has knockout power from her extensive background.  I believe that this is why the odds have her as the favorite.  Holm on the other hand I think has the perfect style to win.  She is more skilled as a kickboxer and has finished 70% of her fights via KO/TKO.  Still these stats alone I believe put them on a near equal playing field.  I think the reason Holm takes the fight is conditioning.  She is a cardio freak and does not get tired.  She has been in the big fights and has proven this.  She was also the first to KO unbeatable Ronda Rousey.  I believe that in a pure striking match it would be close but Holm has more skill and experience.  Her stellar cardio is what will push her into the win column.  Neither fighter have been over achievers as of yet with ground game.  Germaine has a better takedown percentage while Holm has a better takedown defense.  I believe those stats cross each other out.

Germaine has won 50% of her fights via KO/TKO and 50% via decision.  Holm has won 70% of her fights via Ko/TKO and 30% via decision.  33% of Germaine’s losses have come via KO/TKO while Holm has never been knocked out.  I also think that Holm’s wins have come from better opponents than Germaine.  Holm’s losses have come via the best in WMMA.  Holm is a better striker, has better conditioning, and is more seasoned in the octagon.  She is also looking to make a run for the title and has been a past UFC world champion.  I think Holm will win this fight with conditioning, smarter striking, and octagon control.

My prediction is Holm wins in round 4 via KO/TKO.

Reason why Germaine de Randamie wins by Garrett Kerman:

This Saturday UFC makes history crowning the first ever woman’s featherweight champion since the company started. Former woman’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm will be taking on dangerous striker Germaine de Randamie. This should be one exciting fight between two women who love to stand up and strike.

As for who I believe to have the best chance to become the featherweight champion it has to be Germaine de Randamie. Germaine isn’t a household name like Holm is but that doesn’t negate the skills that she possesses. She can knock anyone out that is put in her path (she once knocked out a man in a boxing match) just like three of the seven opponents she has faced in the UFC. Germaine is coming off of two knockout wins with her most recent knockout coming in the very first round.

Holm at bantamweight had the size, reach and strength advantage over her opponents. Holm at featherweight doesn’t have those advantages which will put her at a disadvantage in this fight  (de Randamie has the height and reach advantage). Holm is a kickboxer that needs to be in kickboxing range to do her damage.  Germaine will be the aggressor and push the pace against her opponents. If Germaine is able to keep the pressure on Holm right out the gate and make Holm fight with her back against the cage Germaine could quite possibly end Holm’s night early with her heavy hands. This fight is going to be one for the record books and my vote is for Germaine to get the job done whether it be by way of knockout or a grinded out decision victory.

So who are you picking, the Preacher’s Daughter or the Iron Lady?

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