The Great Debate: Gegard Mousasi vs Urijah Hall 2

By Justin Peck and Cory Groenveld

One of the most popular segments from our partners Facebook chat was our Great Debate segment. In the segment, we have a debate between two writers. One guy states his case why a certain fighter will win, and the other writer states his case for why his opponent will win.

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Today’s debate is for the main event of UFC Fight Night 99 between Gegard Mousasi vs Urijah Hall. The match-up squares off staff writer, Justin Peck vs Cory Groeneveld. Justin is taking Mousasi, and Hall is the pick of Cory.

Why Mousasi is going to win (Justin Peck):

Gegard Mousasi (#6) fell victim to a huge spinning back kick from Uriah Hall  in September 2015. While it is one of the biggest upsets of 2015, we will not see a repeat performance from Hall.

Since their last bout, they have taken two completely different tracks. Mousasi is on a 3 fight win streak, his last fight winning over Vitor Belfort (HM). Hall, on the other hand, is coming off of 2 straight losses, his last to Derek Brunson (#7). In their first fight, Mousasi was able to win the first round with ease, displaying just how much better he is at grappling than Uriah.

After the knockout in their first meeting, we can be sure that Mousasi will not leave the same window open by staying on his feet too long. While he is a well-rounded fighter, his striking lacks the same explosiveness that Hall offers.  Expect to see an early clinch at the cage before Mousasi drops Hall to the canvas and begins his dominance on the ground. He will display excellent top control throughout the first round, wearing Hall down. Hall has good takedown defense, but I think he’ll be outmuscled and outclassed up against the cage.

In the first fight, Mousasi was having his way with Hall and smart money bets that we will see that again. I am predicting an early end to the night in Belfast with a 2nd round finish. Mousasi will not allow himself to be caught with another big shot to put him out and will get his retribution.

Why Hall will win (Cory Groeneveld):

Here we are again round 2 of Gegard Mousasi (#6) vs Uriah Hall.  The first time these two faced each other was back in September of 2015. First matchup went to Hall, who ended up winning with TKO over Mousasi. It was considered one of the bigger upsets of the year. Once again, Hall comes in as a big underdog in this fight at +450. With that being said, I still think that Hall will come out victorious again and here is why.

       I think when it comes to striking in this matchup, Hall has a slight advantage. The guy fights unpredictably. You don’t know if he is going to come at you with his punches or out of nowhere bring the back spin kick at you. Hall caught Mousasi by surprise with that back spin kick the first time that they met and it led to his eventual TKO. Look for Mousasi to be a little cautious, which could open up some chances for Hall to attack and get another TKO.

      If Hall can control the tempo of the fight and keep this fight on their feet, I really like his chances. His best chance for winning this fight is to strike and strike often. He needs to avoid taking this fight to the mat, where Mousasi would have the advantage and be looking for a submission. With that being said, I like Hall to control the fight and finish Mousasi with a TKO early 4th round.


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