The Great Debate: Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor with Poll

By Chris Fisler and Cory Groeneveld

One of the most popular segments from our partners Facebook chat was our Great Debate segment. In the segment, we have a debate between two writers. One guy states his case why a certain fighter will win, and the other writer states his case for why his opponent will win.

Today’s debate is matchups up the main event of the historic UFC 205 card, lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez versus featherweight champion, Conor McGregor. The match-up squares off two writers making their debut in the great debate, with Chris Fisler vs Cory Groeneveld. Chris is taking Alvarez, and McGregor is the pick of Cory.

Why Eddie Alvarez will successfully defend his belt at UFC 205 (Chris Fisler): 

We are on the verge of the biggest card in not only UFC history but MMA history, headlined by  Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor for the Light Weight Championship of the world and I’m on the Eddie Alvarez train!

With this being such a big fight, I went back and watched previous fights for both Conor and Eddie. The reason I’ am picking Alvarez is because the only times Conor has been in trouble since being in the UFC is when he is taken to the ground. In my personal opinion, Conor has been able to pick and choice who he wanted to fight ever since he beat Max Holloway (which could have been his biggest win that no one talks about).

Basically,  McGregor has fought guys that want to stand and bang with him; Diego Brandao,Dustin Poirier and Denis Siver. All extremely easy fights for him, in my opinion. Then Jose Aldo Jr got hurt and Chad Mendes took a fight with the Notorious One on 2 weeks notice,  for the interim featherweight belt(which I attended, just to rub it in). In the first round of their fight,  it was the first time Conor was ever in trouble in the UFC. Chad took him down with ease. was able to ground and pound and land brutal elbows from Conor’s guard. Chad eventually gassed out in the second round and Conor caught him and knocked him out. The only other time McGregor was in trouble was when Nate Diaz was able to get him to the ground and choke him out.

With all this being said, I think Eddie Alvarez brings a kind of pressure to the Octagon that I think McGregor has no clue of how to defend. If you look at Alvarez,  when he fought Anthony Pettis , some people might look at it as a boring but he was able to hold Pettis against the cage and just control the fight from there, and get a hard earned decision win.

So here is my prediction, Eddie Alvarez keeps a lot of pressure on Conor and cuts the cage off. He is able to limit the very unpredictable movement of McGregor,  taking him down with relatively ease in the championship rounds and grinds out a unanimous decision win.

Don’t read all this and think I’m a huge Conor hater.  I love all the popularity he has brought to MMA but I think this Saturday is where a lot of the hype ends and some people realize there is a lot of great fighters that don’t have to talk trash and be arrogant to their opponents to get noticed.

Why Conor McGregor will make history on Saturday and win the light weight title:(Cory Groeneveld):

UFC 205 is here! This is set up to be the greatest card in MMA history! And what better place to have it than at the historic Madison Square Garden in New York City! Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor is the main event on this great card. I will proceed to tell you why I think Conor McGregor will win this fight and come out as the new lightweight champion.
First,  lets look at McGregor’s strength. It is no surprise that his strength is standing up and going punch for punch with you. This will be by far the best striker, in my opinion, that Alvarez has faced. Don’t overlook Alvarez striking either though. He opened some eyes when he TKO dos Anjos in the first round back in July at UFC Fight Night 90 to become the new lightweight champion. With that being said, Conor is one tough dude though to go punch for punch with. If Alvarez takes this route, he better be able to take a lot of punches because Conor is patient at times and will find his spots to land one.
Next,  we will look at what I think will give Alvarez the most problems and think is one of the most underrated aspects of McGregor’s fighting skills; kicking. As we saw in McGregor’s fight against Nate Diaz, McGregor used leg kicks to make Nate’s leg bruise up really bad and make it hard to fight on, or get any power behind his strikes. You could see at times, Diaz was babying that leg and putting a lot of pressure on his other leg. Even changing stances at time to help him move around. If you look back at when Alvarez faced Donald Cerrone, Cerrone used leg kicks throughout the whole match. Alvarez really struggled to put any pressure on his leg. This made it hard to defend off punches and kicks that Cerrone kept throwing at him. Alvarez will need to be able to run around the cage with McGregor if he wants any shot. So he need both his legs to be in condition for the full five rounds.
With that being said, if McGregor gets into a fist fight with Alvarez and keeps the fight off the mat, I see this ending fairly quickly. With McGregor’s size and reach advantage, I see him winning by KO early in the 2nd round. I think he wears Alvarez down a little in the first round. Alvarez will feel like he needs to win the second round and will come out with big swings which will leave him open for the KO punch that McGregor won’t miss.
So who do you thinks wins?

Who Wins the Main Event of UFC 205

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