UFC St Louis Recap: JJ Aldrich impressive in victory

Dec 9, 2016; Albany, NY, USA; Juliana Lima (red gloves) fights J.J. Aldrich (blue gloves) during UFC Fight Night at Times Union Center. Mandatory Credit: Michael Adamucci-USA TODAY Sports

In the second preliminary fight of the evening, Danielle Taylor took on JJ Aldrich in a strawweight affair.Taylor, a former two time King of The Cage title holder was 2-1 in the UFC(9-2 overall) coming in and most recently had defeated former title challenger Jessica Penne. Former TUF competitor JJ Aldrich sported a 1-1 UFC record(5-2 overall) coming in, including a victory over Chan-Mi Jeon last year.


The Fight:

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Round 1: The fight kicks off with some circling around, Taylor fires first with a hard leg kick that buckles Aldrich. Aldrich returns fire with a solid jab. Taylor lands a good body shot followed by a whiffed Aldrich head kick. Aldrich pushes Taylor to the cage and eventually earns a takedown. she’s content to ride out the round on top, in Taylor’s half guard. TheMMATakeover scores the round 10-9 for JJ Aldrich.

Round 2: The round starts with a good left hand from Taylor, But JJ answers with a right hand of her own. They get into a wild exchange, with neither woman landing much. After a couple of jabs from Aldrich, Taylor begins to telegraph the right hand. She continues to throw it but misses every one. A couple of straights land for Aldrich, not much else going on. JJ lands four or five unanswered jabs and follows those up with a couple of solid straight punches. JJ finds the clinch and finishes the round holding Taylor up against the cage. TheMMATakeover scores the round 10-9 for JJ Aldrich

Round 3: Aldrich comes out quickly, landing a big left hand. Aldrich begins to taunt the extremely tentative Taylor, dropping her hands and talking trash. She looks like Nick Diaz out there. Taylor lands a good shot to the body, But Aldrich answers with a head kick and a right hand. Aldrich is walking her down, really gaining momentum. Aldrich is peppering Taylor with shots. Taylor lands a solid left hand, and they get into a wild exchange that ends with a partially landed head kick from Aldrich. Aldrich gets a quick takedown and the round ends. TheMMATakeover scores the round 10-9 for JJ Aldrich.

Result: JJ Aldrich defeats Danielle Taylor via unanimous decision

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