Stars Report: Nunes, Romero, Johnson, and more!

See which MMA stars made headlines in this weeks edition of the Stars Report.

Yoel Romero:

  • Yoel Romero did not take kindly to Michael Bisping ripping up a Cuban flag and throwing it at Romero’s corner. In response, Romero took a picture of Bisping waving a British flag and burned it. While burning the flag Romero had some few choice words for Bisping saying, “I’m going to burn you and your flag for disrespecting my flag. I’m your big ticket, boy. I’m going to be your nightmare, brother.”

Amanda Nunes:

  • Amanda Nunes has received a lot of criticism for backing out of her title fight against Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 213. Dana White has said that Nunes will never headline a UFC ever again. Others have called her a coward saying she was scared of Shevchenko and knew she was going to lose. Fighter Chael Sonnen has even gone as far as to say she should have lost by forfeit since she was medically cleared to fight. Nunes’ camp has responded that Nunes decision to not fight should have been respected since it’s her body and she is the one that has to go in there and fight, even if she was medically cleared
  • Not everyone has criticized Nunes. Current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier defended Amanda Nunes decision to not fight. In an interview with MMAjunkie radio, Cormier stated, “I don’t believe she was afraid. I believe that she was sick. And if she was sick and could not compete, then she had every right to not compete.”

Demetrious Johnson:

  • UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson won the ESPY award for best fighter of the year. Johnson won the award over fellow fighters Conor McGregor (MMA), Andre Ward (Professional Boxer), and Gennady Golovkin (Professional Boxer).
  • Johnson said that he thinks that Conor McGregor will pull off the upset and beat Floyd Mayweather Jr in their boxing match next month when he recently spoke with TMZ. He then went on to say after he beats Mayweather he would love to see Conor stay in boxing and take on the winner of Gennady Golovkin vs. Saul Alvarez boxing match.

McGregor vs Mayweather:

  • One aspect of the fight that we don’t know yet is who will referee this mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, has made it clear they will protest if Kenny Bayless was chosen. Kavanagh also stated that he would prefer a referee from the MMA to be the referee because of potential biases against the MMA.
  • In an interview with bloodyelbow, current MMA referee Herb Dean gave his input on being the referee of the boxing match to take place between McGregor and Mayweather Jr. Dean stated, “It’s a boxing fight. I don’t know why we should use an MMA referee.” Dean goes on to say, “I can see (potential bias) being a concern more, but myself, I wouldn’t want to referee it. My experience is with refereeing MMA, so there’s a bunch of people more qualified to do it than I am.”
  • Well known YouTube page, Bad Lip Reading, decided to get on McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather train and did one of their signature videos of the two from one of their stare downs. Click the link below to check out the video.

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