Stars Report: Liddell, Cormier, Jones, and More!

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Here are the UFC Stars that are making our headlines this week.

Nate Diaz:

Nate Diaz in the latest interview with MMA Hour expresses how he feels there is “lack of respect” from the UFC towards him. In his video interview, he states, “Why aren’t we on blast everywhere. Can I be marketed? Why am I not on the f**king Wheaties box?” Diaz goes on to say, “How come when I go to UFC on FOX, all these dorks are on the wall? Can I get a picture on the wall? Can I get promoted and marketed in a positive way?
Nate Diaz to Dana White, I’m not interested in fighting for a “fake title.”  In the latest interview with ESPN Diaz said, “If you’re trying to pull me out of a normal life right now, I’m not doing it for a fake title at 155 pounds. I told them I’d take the fight at 165 pounds, no belt. I’m not interested in losing a bunch of weight for no reason.”

Daniel Cormier:

“I want the guy that does coke and parties and crashes cars.” Those were the words of Daniel Cormier on the fans liking to cheer for Jon Jones more than himself. In an interview with former WWE stars Edge and Christian, Cormier goes on to say, “Maybe I’m not cool enough because I go to work, I fight, when I’m not fighting I go back and I go to my kids’ soccer and baseball games. That’s what I do. I go to wrestling. I’m not out partying. I’m not out doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Maybe I’m just too boring but I’m fine with it. I like my life.”

Chuck Liddell:

Could we see Chuck Liddell return to the octagon? As a betting man I’d say no, but don’t count him out just quite yet. TMZ recently caught up with Chuck Liddell and asked him if there were any plans for a return to the octagon. When asked for a yes or no answer Liddell responded, “We’ll see. I am retired right now, so we’ll see.”

Paige VanZant:

Paige VanZant got a little criticism lately about her video showing off her Reebok gear. In response to the criticism, VanZant said she hadn’t seen any of the criticism and thought she was just being funny. In an interview with MMA Fighting she states, “Actually, I haven’t seen anything that people have responded, so I post things and just kinda forget about it. Definitely, it was funny. I never anticipated that kind of reaction, so I had no idea. My manager, my mom, somebody told me about it. But, no, I just thought it was funny.”

Conor McGregor:

Could we still see Conor McGregor in the octagon this year? According to Dana White while making an appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter White stated McGregor wants to fight twice this year. “Conor wants to fight. Conor wants to fight Floyd, Conor wants to fight twice this year, so we’ll just have to see how things play out,” White said on SportsCenter.

Jon Jones:

UFC’s Summer Kickoff press conference had lots of fireworks. No surprise that there were fireworks between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier after it was announced earlier that they would face each other at UFC 214 on July 29th. Jones and Cormier went back and forth at each other for quite some time. Cormier goes on to say, “Is this guy going to mess this up again by doing steroids, or snorting cocaine, or sandblasting prostitutes. What’s this guys going to do to mess it up this time.”  Jones responded with, “Prostitutes? I beat you after a weekend of cocaine.” You can catch the full altercation between the two below in a YouTube video provided by MMAFightingonSBN.
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