Stars Report: Demetrious Johnson, Ronda Rousy, and More!

See which MMA stars are making headlines in this weeks edition of the Stars Report.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk:

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  • “I want to be like McGregor,” were the words that Joanna Jedrzejczyk said in an interview with TMZ. What she was referring to is becoming the first female to be a two-division champ. She went on to say, “I like to challenge myself. And definitely, Conor sets a good example of hard work and big challenges. I want to reach that as well. I want to be a champion in two different divisions.”  Currently, Jedrzejczyk is the current strawweight champion and will look to possibly adding flyweight champion to her resume when the UFC introduces the new weight class at the end of The Ultimate Fighter 26.

Ronda Rousey:

  • It has been announced by MMA Fighting reports that Ronda Rousey has been named team captain in the revival of the upcoming TV show Battle of Network Stars. The show which ran for 13 years in the ’70’s and ’80’s is making a comeback and will debut June 29th.

Cody Garbrandt:

  • Cody Garbrandt made it simple for TJ Dillashaw. “If you get beat, I won’t fight you,” Garbrandt said in an interview with The MMA Hour. Garbrandt was referring to a potential matchup between TJ Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson. Garbrandt goes on to say. “I’m gonna go down and fight Demetrious at ‘25. You lost that chance. TJ, you go in there and beat DJ, I’m gonna jump down to ‘25 and steal your belt. That’s what I told Dana [White].”

Jon Jones:

  • Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson went back and forth at each other on Twitter the other day. Taking jabs at each other, Jones went as far as to call Gustafsson a “dork” and that he “lack heart” in his losses to Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. Gustafsson fired back saying he lost to Jones because, “of the absence of @usantidoping.” This was obviously taking a shot at the failed drugged test by Jones last year that lead to a year long suspension.

Demetrious Johnson:

  • Dana White recently on UFC Unfiltered podcast talked about Demetrious Johnson turning down a potential fight with TJ Dillashaw. Shocked that Johnson would turn the fight down, Dana White said, “Why? It’s insanity. This is the first fight ever in D.J.’s history that he actually gets pay-per-view points. He gets pay-per-view on this one and this is the first real fight people will care about and want to see on pay-per-view and he is refusing to fight T.J. Dillashaw.”

Max Holloway:

  • “That guy was the 2015 champ. This is called the year 2017 right now and I’m the champ,” was what Max Holloway had to say about Conor McGregor. Holloway goes on to say about possibly fighting McGregor, “If he wants to come back down, he can come and get it. But if not, it is what it is.” Holloway also goes on to say, “I’m not going to talk about someone who isn’t talking about me. He gets to choose his fights, why will I cry or beg him to fight me? Get the hell out of here with that s**t. He should beg to fight me now.”


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