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Staff Predictions: McGregor vs Mayweather Jr

The Money Fight

Saturday, August 26th

Las Vegas, Nevada


Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr : Tale of the Tape

29                        Age                      40

5ft 9in                  Height                5ft 8in

74in                     Reach                  72in

153 lbs.                 Weight              149.5 lbs.

0-0*                   Record                 49-0

*McGregor’s debut in professional boxing. 21-3 record in MMA.

Staff Predictions:


Keith Shillan:

Yeah, I got Mayweather. Sorry, I can’t believe a 0-0 boxer is going to do what Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Arturo Gatti, and so many other top boxers couldn’t do. I understand that McGregor has youth, size, and possibly power on Mayweather but I don’t think it is going to matter. Mayweather is going to dodge, slip, and roll away from all McGregor’s shots. I think he will rip McGregor’s body which will slow down McGregor’s punches and zap his power. Mayweather will land that beautiful straight right. As the rounds go on, it will become more and more one sided until Mayweather puts him out. It hasn’t happened in awhile but Mayweather gets the knockout.

Mayweather Jr By 9th Round TKO 


Justin Peck:

As the fight goes on I see Conor getting frustrated that he won’t be able to hit the best defensive boxer of all time. McGregor will start to swing for the fence and won’t be able to land many punches. This will result in McGregor quickly becoming gassed and will collapse. Also I am not and idiot to pick against arguably the greatest boxer of all time.

Mayweather Jr By 8th Round TKO


Dave “Chicken Parm” Stuart:

It’s as simple as this is boxing and not MMA. I know that they say everyone has a punchers chance, but I just don’t see McGregor having any shot at all. This is boxing, and Mayweather is boxing. Case closed.

Mayweather Jr By 8th Round TKO


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Zak Katine:

Floyd Mayweather Jr is the greatest boxer of his era. Do we really think that Conor McGregor has a shot? This will be total domination by one of boxing’s greatest. Here’s to 50-0.

Mayweather Jr By 6th Round TKO


Jason Powers:

My brief explanation is the Floyd Mayweather Jr is the greatest defensive boxer of all time. Conor hasn’t boxed since he was a teenager. This will not go well for McGregor at all. Mayweather Jr can wins this fight however he feels like winning it. I see Mayweather Jr winning this fight by knockout.

Mayweather Jr By 6th Round TKO


Nick Portella:

I am going to go against the grain and pick McGregor to come out victorious. McGregor is younger and has an unorthodox style of fighting. I think McGregor has too many weapons for Mayweather Jr to handle. Also I think McGregor can take the abuse from Mayweather and come out victorious via knockout.

McGregor By 4th Round KO


Brian Burch:

I know everyone will think I’m insane or that I am just succumbing to the hype train that is the McGregor Show but I think everyone else are the ones who are insane. Not only insane but blind. Don’t you all see what I see?

McGregor is the best striker on the planet when it comes to footwork, fighting at range, and setting traps for his opponent. On top of that, he has the best fighting mind in the fight game, period!  McGregor will swarm Mayweather with his patented Karate Style stance and movement. Just like in MMA, he will have his right glove always pawing at Mayweather’s lead glove keeping the distance and calculating the range. Once Mayweather feels Conor’s power from the first punch that lands he will start to retreat and run like he always does. McGregor will then corner Mayweather, forcing Mayweather to go into his Philly Shell defense. This is where Conor will start Teeing off.

Unlike when fighting boxers, Mayweather’s philly shell will not work against McGregor. Boxers always make the mistake of getting too close to Mayweather when he goes into his shell and they try to throw powerful hooks and uppercuts which Mayweather easily slips and counters. McGregor is too smart for this. McGregor will trap Mayweather with his superior foot movement and stay at range once he has him cornered. Hitting him with body shots while setting traps for Mayweather to slip in which he will slip right into McGregor’s power shots.

If this was any other boxer of Floyd’s physical stature (Small head and brittle hands) I would not even give them one round. However, I think it will take McGregor a full round to get used to Mayweather’s slipping speed. Once McGregor finds his timing going into the second round, his precision shots will take over. “Precision beats power, timing beats speed.”

I expect complete domination by McGregor. An execution, a slaughter, a sacrificial ceremony if you will.  It will be so bad that most people will think the fight was fixed. They’ll say Mayweather threw the fight. They’ll say he did it all for the money. They’ll say he made bets on himself to lose and walked away a billionaire. I can hear the excuses already. After this fight, there will be no doubters any longer. The world will see McGregor for what he is. The True King of the Fight Game!

McGregor By 2nd Round KO


Cory Groeneveld

Do we really think that McGregor is going to do what 49 professional boxers couldn’t do before him? We are talking about a guy who fights MMA coming into a boxing ring and defeating the greatest defensive boxer of all time. Maybe even the greatest boxer of all time. Something that 49 individuals who have trained their whole lives for couldn’t do. I don’t even see this being a close fight. I don’t think Conor will even win a single round. I see him coming out swinging and getting tired very quickly. He will be lucky to land more than 1 out of every 10 punches he throws. Mayweather knows how to dodge and dance to wear his opponents out. Expect this fight to end fairly quickly. Mayweather will be looking to make a statement in a arena that will be mainly filled with McGregor supporters. Boxing itself has the most to lose in this fight, and Mayweather will be there to defend it.

Mayweather Jr By 5th Round TKO

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