Q & A with Shelly Vincent – The Woman that Crashed Bellator 185 Weigh Ins to Challenge Heather Hardy

By Keith Shillan

On Thursday, Bellator held their weigh-ins for Bellator 185. The weigh-ins were going smoothly until Heather Hardy and Kristina Williams weighed in. While they were doing a faceoff, a woman walked past the security barriers and started yelling at Hardy until security escorted her out of the area.

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That woman is Shelly Vincent. She is a professional boxer with a 20-1 record. Her only loss came to Hardy is an incredible back and forth fight. The decision has been highly controversial based on Hardy getting a decision in her hometown of Brooklyn. They two faced each other August 21st, 2016.

I got to speak with Vicent, who was extremely fired up and wanted to share why she confronted Hardy.


Keith: If somebody hasn’t seen your fight against Heather Hardy, tell them what happened and why you think you deserved the fight?

Shelly: It was a close fight. It was closer than I expected. I called for the fight for 5 years. I finally got it. I thought I won six rounds. I thought she won two rounds. I ain’t debating them. She was the better fighter for those rounds. There were two rounds that were close. I will give her those rounds. But that still has me up six rounds to four rounds, with me giving her the two close rounds.

My back never touched the rope. I never ran. I kept moving forward. I hit her with 3 or 4 hard shots. She would counter with weak pot shots. She never hurt me, She can’t punch. I was hurting her. Her eyes were swollen. When she felt my power, she started running. You can’t win a fight while running. I never stepped back once.

Anybody that knows fighting, anybody that isn’t a groupie or has a hard-on for Heather knows I won that fight. I have people from all over the world telling me I won. Boxing experts, fans, reporters. When they announced the decision, she was surprised. She knows I won.

She was crying between rounds. I was fresh. Her legs were stretched out. The only mark on me was a cut from a headbutt.

Keith: Has there been any talks of a rematch? Has your management teams spoken about a rematch?

Shelly: Absolutely! We were supposed to rematch in April. It didn’t happen. I know for a fact that Heather said no to the rematch. I spoke with her on the phone. She said that as long as TV she would take the fight. However, suddenly she was asking for $100,000 for a rematch. No girl but Laila Ali got that kind of money. She admitted that she outbid herself because she didn’t want a rematch.

I was promised a rematch and still haven’t got it.

Keith: This seems like this is personal for you? What has made this fight so personal?

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Shelly: There was always beef. Both of us have disrespected each other. I don’t mind. This is boxing, not fucking ballet! I told her that I thought she lost 4 fights and she was a fucking fraud. She keeps ducking me. She said nasty things about my dead mother. Her sister tried fighting me. Her mother pushed me.

I was going to her fights for years and calling her out. I never hated her as a person. I hate how she was brought up. She gets promoted because of her pretty looks. She is everything we fight against in our sport.

She disrespected the sport by saying she doesn’t get paid enough in boxing and wants to fight MMA. I just don’t like the things she does.


Keith: Did you have plans to interrupt the weigh-ins, or was that just a spur of the moment thing?

Shelly: I live 10 minutes down the street from the place they are fighting. I said, Heather wants to keep ignoring me, fuck it. I am gonna let it pop off. I want to let the public know that she is the one ducking me. It isn’t the other way around. She can try and fool the public. But the real people know I ain’t the one doing it

Keith: You are going to the Bellator show tonight. Any plans to try and interrupt the show?

Shelly: No. Heather can do her thing. She is probably gonna lose anyway. She beat an old lady in her last fight.

Keith: Some people think it was rude to interrupt the weigh-ins. Many thought that you not only disrespected Heather Hardy but also her opponent, Kristina Williams. How do you feel about this criticism?

Shelly: Some people are calling me a Conor McGregor wannabe. Do your research.  I have been going to her shows and calling her out for 5 years. Sometimes if you want a fight, You must start a fight. I wasn’t disrespecting her opponent at all. The critics don’t know anything about me.

Keith: Would you fight her in MMA or only boxing?

Shelly: If she gives me a rematch in boxing first, I will fight her in MMA. But it ain’t gonna happen until she fights me in my sport first. It would be my only MMA fight. I would knock her the fuck out!


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