Scott Askham signs three fight deal with KSW

Former UFC Middleweight Scott Askham has signed a non-exclusive three-fight deal with Poland’s leading MMA promotion KSW.

Following his two consecutive losses to Jack Hermansson and Bradley Scott in the UFC, Askham (15-4) was released by the promotion and was able to bounce back, getting a win over Luke Barnatt at ABC 70: Barnatt vs Askham.

Despite his winning debut with ACB, Askham stated that his decision was simply due to the financial offers offers of both leagues.
During his interview with MMFighting he stated:

“I’ll be honest, the decision was based on money. KSW are filling stadiums and doing shows all over Europe, and they put the best deal on the table for me, it was the best move for me.

I had a lot of options on the table and I was coming off a dominant win over Luke Barnatt.  I felt as though I beat him up in every round, so there were a lot of different promotions interested in signing me coming off that win. At the end of the day, KSW made the best offer, and we are very happy with the deal.

I want to get in there with the best guys they have and make a beeline for that title, I’ve signed a three-fight deal with KSW and I’m hoping that it will be extended after they see what I can bring to the table. The title is what I’m after, and I want to get straight in the mix to get a shot at it as soon as possible”

Askham’s next opponent is yet to be revealed, he will be traveling to Poland to meet his new promoters and perhaps get more details on his debut.

“I’m flying out on Sunday and we’ll probably take a look at some opponents then, I haven’t heard about anything being announced at KSW 41, but it could happen. We’ll wait and see what happens when we’re over there.I’m ready to go now and I’m looking forward to fighting in front of the Polish fans. I train with a lot of Polish guys at the moment, and I think I might be in for a frosty reception over there depending on the opponent I get.                Hopefully, I’ll be able to win them over when I eventually get to fight in Poland.”

KSW 41 will be taking place this Saturday in Katowice, Poland.

Click on the link below for more information on the event:

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