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Ryan Submits Gracie

Gordon Ryan held true to his prediction and taps Ralek Gracie with triangle.

You may remember when the match was first announced for Metamoris Challenge Ryan made a bold statement on Facebook:

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“Challenge accepted. No time limit submission only. I will submit Ralek with one of 2 moves in between 10 and 18 minutes. The first move being some kind of triangle and the second being a variation of an arm bar.”

That’s exactly how the Danaher Death Squad member did it. Ryan started by pulling guard and Gracie tried for an arm bar but was unsuccessful. Ryan then passed his guard and took his back. After Gracie escaped a body triangle Ryan transitioned to mount then side control. He was able to keep Gracie down using some nice transitions until he got the reverse triangle and the tap between 9 and 10 minutes.

Ralek has said that he will put all proceeds from this event toward past obligations of fighter pay for his Matamoris combatants.

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