Rise Sumbission Invetational 2 Results

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Rise Submission Invitational 2 Results

What’s good fight fans? On Sunday, October 15, 2017, Matt Culley of New York Fighting and Lou Neglia hosted the second RISE Invitational submission grappling event at The Space in Westbury, Long Island. This event was star-studded with MMA veterans and rising grappling stars. The headliner event was Pete “Drago” Sell vs Joe “Diesel’ Riggs. The entire fight card consisted of 14 undercard matches, an eight-man 155-pound EBI rules tournament, and three super fights.

Kicking off the super fight card Jason Rau emerged victorious with his heel hook win over Chris Schlesinger. Rau maintained pressure and control throughout the match.

UFC rising star Aljamain Sterling grappled Sergio DaSilva to a draw in an exciting display of high-level grappling. While it was deemed a draw Sterling showed his skillset with several submission attempts.

The show ended with veterans Pete Sells grappling to a draw with Joe Riggs after 10 minutes. Riggs put on a dominant performance but was unable to secure the submission.

Undercard Results

Youth Match

Andre Alvarenga (Budokan BJJ) vs Cornelius Griffin (Budokan BJJ) – Draw

Undercard Matches – 5 minutes (submission or draw)

Destiny Quinones (Kai Martial Arts) defeats Jessica Ruiz (Alpha Omega) via triangle choke

Lauren Braccia (LAW MMA) defeats Victoria Lane (Commack MMA) via armbar

Taneisha Tennent (Budokan BJJ) vs. Diana Karavas (Dante Rivera BJJ) – Draw

Regular Undercard Match – 6 minutes (submission or draw)

Dom Biondo (Alpha Omega MMA) vs. Sam Micale (Tai Kai Bjj) – Draw

Andy Segovia (Tiger Shulmann’s) defeats Jordan Gonzalez (Budokan BJJ) via ankle lock

Dylan Rankin (LAW MMA) vs. Ron Gilberti (Monster BJJ) – Draw

Joshua Marsh (LI MMA) vs. Sam Kusewich (LAW MMA) – Draw

Advance Undercard Match – 6 minutes (submission or draw)

Anthony Lopez (Warrior’s MMA) vs. Mikey Waters (Vamos BJJ) – Draw

Nick Panebianco (Alchemy BJJ) defeats Kyle Cerminara (LI MMA) via heel hook

Rob Degle (LI MMA) defeats Estevison Carmona (Gracie Barra) via heel hook

Joe Mammanelo (Dante Rivera BJJ) vs. Matteo Martinez (Matteo BJJ) – Draw

Frank Rosenthal (Renzo Gracie NYC) defeats Sop Huh (Gracie Barra) via heel hook

Marvin Lee (Long Beach Bjj) vs. Chris Cope (Monster BJJ) – Draw


Pete “Drago” Sell (Serra BJJ) vs. Joe “Diesel” Riggs (Legion MMA) – Draw

Aljamain “Funkmaster” Sterling (Serra BJJ) vs. Sergio “The Savage” DaSilva (Shaolin BJJ) – Draw

Jason Rau (Serra BJJ) defeats Chris Schlesginer (Soca BJJ) via heel hook

8 Man 155lb EBI Rules Tournament

Round 1

Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ) defeats James Haseman (Alchemy BJJ) via rear naked choke

James Gonzalez (Serra BJJ) defeats Nicolas Gallucio (Soca BJJ) via triangle choke in overtime

Ashure Abana (Dante Rivera BJJ) defeats Adam de Oliveria (Gracie Barra New Hyde Park) via submission overtime win

Nick Manela (Gracie Barra Princeton) defeats Adam Collarile (914 Training Center Nova Uniao Hawaii) via fastest escape time

Round 2

James Gonzalez (Serra BJJ) defeats Asure Abana (Dante Rivera BJJ) via choke

Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ) defeats Nick Manela (Gracie Barra Princeton) via rear naked choke


Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ) defeats James Gonzalez (Serra BJJ) via choke


If you’re into the grappling scene this is definitely an event to check out. There is a lot of high-level grappling, MMA stars, and a great crowd which makes this event a must see. I look forward to covering their third installment of Rise. Signing off this is Nick Portella.  @NickPortellaMMA

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