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Recap: UFC Winnipeg: Blachowicz vs Cannonier

In a battle of Light Heavyweights, Jared “The Killa Gorilla” Cannonier (10-2) took on Jan Blachowicz (20-7). Headlining the prelims, both are fighting to cement their spot in the top 15 of the division. 

Cannonier starts the fight by pressuring Blachowicz, he is able to get back against the fence and clinches hoping to get a takedown. Blachowicz is able to reverse the position and separate the clinch. For the rest of the round, Cannonier kept being the aggressor but was consistently countered by Blachowicz’s jab, he was outlanded but no real damage was done. The MMA Takeover scored it 10-9 for Blachowicz.

Blachowicz starts the second round by landing heavy leg kicks, he remains successful with the jab in the striking department. Cannonier gets taken down 2 minutes into the fight but is immediately back on his feet. Both keep trading and Cannonier seems to be putting less pressure on Blachowicz, trying to find his timing. However, he gets knocked down with a jab and Blachowicz capitalizes, getting himself into side control as he briefly holds down Cannonier. In the last 30 seconds, he successfully connects with another jab and shoots for another double leg. The MMA Takeover scored it 10-9 for Blachowicz.

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In the last round, Cannonier starts fighting with much more urgency and is finally able to time Blachowicz’s jab as he counters with right overhand twice within the first minute of the fight. As Cannonier looks like the fresher fighter he is able to find the pace he had in the first round but also connect with his strikes. He continues to threaten Blachowicz on the feet until he gets taken down 3 minutes into the round. Although he once again gets back up immediately, Blachowicz was able to take him down again right off the bat. The MMA Takeover scored it 10-9 for Cannonier.

Jan Blachowicz beats Jared Cannonier via unanimous decision (29-28).

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