Q&A with Kaleb Leonard

By: Nick Portella
What’s good fight fans? Today we will sit down with an amateur MMA fighter Kaleb Leonard who will be fighting at FSF New Beginning on May 20. Let’s have a seat and talk with Kaleb before his pro debut.

Nick: What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
Kaleb: It means a lot for me. I have always been a fighter whether it was in the cage, on the wrestling mat, or in uniform fighting for our country.

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Nick: At what age did you begin to train martial arts?
Kaleb: I started training when I was 18 in the military.

Nick: What disciplines do you train and what belts do you have in them?
Kaleb: I don’t train any specific discipline, the only belt I have is from the Marine Corps martial arts program.

Nick: I know that you have had three of your last four amateur bouts canceled. How relieving was it to have a match set up which is going to happen?
Kaleb: It’s a huge relief. I almost gave up on the sport, but after finally getting a fight and taking a loss it reignited my drive.

Nick: What camp do you train out of and how long have you been with them?
Kaleb: I have been training with Middleville MMA off and on for the past year, but I couldn’t get high enough quality work. Now I train out of Malkoc MMA and I’ve been working with them the past few weeks.

Nick: What would you say your biggest strengths inside the cage?
Kaleb: My biggest strength would be my speed at my size and my takedowns. I’m still developing my striking game so that’s where I put a lot of my time.

Nick: With cutting weight and fighter safety always being a priority. What methods of cutting weight do you use? How much weight do you usually have to cut before a fight? Do you feel the weight cut has a major impact on your strength before a fight?
Kaleb: I usually cut around 20 pounds, but at heavyweight, it’s an easy weight cut. I start about 6 weeks out and eat mostly chicken and greens. I cut out all junk food and 95% of my carbs. I take in plenty of water almost all the way up to weigh in day. It does affect my strength, but the little bit that I give up makes me lighter on my feet. My movement is more fluid.

Nick: Do you have a prediction for your fight against Dallas Johnson?
Kaleb: That’s a tough call. I’ve never heard of, seen, or met the guy. I know how hard I’ve been training and I’m predicting a stoppage victory in my favor.

Nick: Who is your favorite MMA fighter past or present?
Kaleb: Chuck Liddell. He was never some big ripped stud but he was dominating because of the work he put in and the sheer power he had in his punches.

Nick:  Kaleb have you submitted to the takeover?
Kaleb:  This is Kaleb Leonard and I have submitted to the takeover.

First I would like to thank Kaleb for his service. I wish him well in his upcoming fight and in his career. Signing off for TheMMATakeOver.com this is Nick Portella. @NickPortellaMMA

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