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Q&A with Justin “The Warrior” Zeno

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By: Nick Portella
What’s good fight fans? Today we will sit down with a pro-MMA fighter Justin “The Warrior” Zeno. Justin will be making his second professional appearance at FSF: New Beginning on May 20. Let’s have a seat and talk with Justin.

Nick: What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
Justin: I just love to fight. I always wanted to be apart of something bigger than what’s in my small town.

Nick: Prior to your MMA career did you train martial arts growing up?
Justin: Nope, I snowboarded, skateboarded, and rode BMX. That was my life.

Nick: What camp do you train out of and how long have you been with them?
Justin: I train at Lights Out Mixed Martial Arts. I started about 7 years ago.

Nick: Your nickname is The Warrior. Who gave it to you and why?
Justin: Paul Simpson from Ground and Pound promotions gave me that name because of the way my fights ended, and how I would recover from bad spots. I’ve broken 3 people’s arms I don’t feel bad for anyone so I think that’s why. My name was “The Man” and he said no you’re a warrior and changed it without my knowledge. When the announcer called me out as the warrior and I liked it and it stuck

Nick: What would you say your biggest strengths are inside the cage?
Justin: I’m pretty and it applies to all parts of mixed martial arts.

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Nick: Since you have made this journey what advice can you give to new fighters wanting to make this a career?
Justin: A lot of new guys don’t train enough or have enough knowledge to get in there. Be patient and don’t rush the process, trust the process.

Nick: May 20 you willing be facing Tim Tirado inside the cage. How much do you know about your opponent?
Justin: I don’t care much about the guy. He is in my way and I’m going to take him out. He talks too much and stalks my Facebook page and heckles my fans. I’ve already beat him I don’t loose any sleep over him. I sleep really well actually.

Nick: Do you have a prediction for your fight?
Justin: Him falling down and me getting him a pillow.

Nick: Who is your favorite MMA fighter past or present?
Justin: I wasn’t a big fan at first but Connor McGregor has grown on me. His confidence and what he has done is impressive.

Well, it appears that Justin is ready for war. I wish him well in his upcoming fight. Signing off for TheMMATakeOver.com this is Nick Portella. @NickPortellaMMA

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