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Q&A with Cody “Kid Cobra” Dickerson

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By:  Nick Portella

What’s good fight fans? Today I will be sitting down with amateur fighter ready to turn pro Cody “Kid Cobra” Dickerson. Cody has been on a rampage sitting at a five fight win streak. Let’s sit down with Cody and talk for a bit.
Nick:  What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
Cody:  To me being a fighter means overcoming adversity and dedicating yourself to a goal.

Nick:  At what age did you begin to train martial arts?
Cody:  I started wrestling in second grade and wrestled through my sophomore year of college. I did taekwondo in middle school then started to get my feet wet in jiu-Jitsu at the end of high school.

Nick:  What disciplines do you train in and what belts do you have in them?
Cody:  I train in jiu jitsu, muay thai, and wrestling. I don’t have any belts or titles in any individual sport.

Nick:  You have a record of 9-2 with your two losses coming in your first three fights. Since then you have gone on a fight fight win streak with your professional career about to begin. What titles have you held past or present?
Cody:  I hold the Iowa Challenge Featherweight, Tru Revelation Bantamweight, and now the Ascendancy Fighting Championship Featherweight belts as an amateur.

Nick:  When you make your professional debut do you know which promotion you will be fighting under?
Cody:  I don’t know yet. When the time comes I will have to get together with my management and coach to determine what will be best for me and what opportunities present themselves at that time.

Nick:  What fight camp do you train out of?
Cody:  I split time between Elite Edge MMA in Ankeny led by UFC vet Josh Neer and Roundkick Muay Thai.

Nick:  What would you say your best attribute is in the cage?
Cody:  I think my best attribute in the cage is collectiveness. I have fun and feel at home when the lights are on and that allows me to stay loose and fight to my ability.

Nick:  Do you feel that you represent the next generation of fighter?
Cody:  I believe that I do. I am well versed in every aspect of the game and am continuously looking to improve wherever I can. The new generation of fighter feels comfortable in any position or situation and can be successful there in a fight and I feel I fully represent that.

Nick: Your nickname is Kid Cobra. Who gave it to you and why?
Cody:  I did a grappling tournament my senior year of high school and bought a shirt there that had two cobras on it so my coach started to call me The Cobra. Once I met Chris Dunn who became my main training partner and mentor, he jokingly started calling me Kid Cobra because his nickname was Kid Dynamite and it just stuck.

Nick:  When will you be stepping into the cage again?
Cody:  Unfortunately I’m dealing with a minor injury from the weekend so that is putting training on hold for a short time. I hope to be back soon though.

Nick:  What advice could you give to a new fighter starting his amateur career?
Cody:  My advice to a new fighter is just to have fun and worry about getting better. If you do that your wins and losses will take care of themselves. When you turn pro your record is wiped clean so don’t get caught up in that, and don’t be afraid to train with pros. My career changed when I decided to train with the best partners I could find at Elite Edge.

Nick:  Who is your favorite MMA fighter past or present?
Cody:  Urijah Faber was the fighter that made me want to become a fighter. I remember watching him run through the competition in the WEC when I was in high school and knew I wanted to do that. Sugar Ray Leonard was another fighter that had an impact on my career, though he wasn’t a mixed martial artist he was one of my dad’s favorite boxers and was kind of my introduction into combat sports watching videos of him.

Nick:  Cody have you submitted to the takeover?
Cody:  This is Cody “Kid Cobra” Dickerson and I have submitted to the takeover.

I had a blast talking with Cody. He is a great fighter with a bright future ahead of him. I will be following him and his career and hope we get to talk again. Signing off for TheMMATakeOver this is Nick Portella.  @NickPortellaMMA

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